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Exclude some sub-paths from an enlistment

Is there any way to set up an enlistement such that a specific set of sub-paths are excluded? For example, the flax project keeps its code on googlecode, and has a corresponding enlistement.

However, the flax project depends on various third-party libraries - one of which is the Yahoo UI library. For convenience, this has simply been imported into the repository (at trunk/src/static/js/yui). The YUI library is much larger than the flax code is ever going to be, and as a result the statistics for flax are way off.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to add a list of paths to the enlistment, such that ohloh would read this list, and ignore any files in the repository which appear under these paths. Is there any prospect of a feature like this being added, or can anyone think of a workaround for this?

Richard Boulton over 15 years ago

We've wanted to add this functionality for some time. Either through an exception list as you suggest or something like robots.txt.

In the longer term, we'd like to be able to automatically discover the dependency on YUI and so be able to report that code as dependency code and list dependencies.

But we don't have anything available currently.

Andy Verprauskus over 15 years ago

That sounds promising for the future. For now, I'll set up a nightly cronjob to use svndumpfilter to produce a filtered version of the SVN repository, and point ohloh at that. Will increase the lag a little, but probably not noticeably.

Richard Boulton over 15 years ago

I've just come across this problem also.

I've have a Java project and because of the way it is hosted I need to commit all the generated JavaDoc into the repository to make them available. This changes the stats of the project to list HTML as the primary language as there are always more javadoc than code.

Is there any update on the status of this request?

Matt Nathan over 14 years ago

For subversion projects, a simple way to accomplish this is making the path that should be excluded into an svn external. Ohloh does not check out svn externals.

This external does not have to live on some other server, you could just store it in a 3rdparty directory just below root, ie at the same level where trunk is so that it does not get pulled in when trunk is pulled in.

When developers make a checkout, they'll just get the sources like before. An added advantage is that you could make the path readonly for developers, and only writable for the automated user that builds the JavaDoc, to prevent people from accidentally checking in modified docs.

Peter Bex over 14 years ago