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Multilingual support

It would be great to have multilingual support and be able to at least describe the project in different languages.

mortimer about 15 years ago

Hi Mortimer,

If I understand correctly, you'd like the "ohloh summary" to describe a project as "mostly written in" using several languages rather than just one, as we currently do - is that correct?

If so, what heuristic would you propose?

Right now we use the language with the most lines of code as the "primarily written in" - we've had a request to change this to the "most lines edited/changed" instead, which I think we'll switch to at some point.

Should we include the top N, assuming they are all within a small range?

Jason Allen about 15 years ago

I think you misunderstood. What I meant was in the natural language way, as in French, Italian, etc... It would be nice to be able to register projects in different idioms and even perhaps be able to provide translations (at least of the description).

mortimer about 15 years ago