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Chicken git enlistment stuck


The git enlistment for Chicken Scheme (ohloh project name chicken) hasn't been updated in 23 days.

Could someone please take a look, because I think it's stuck.

Peter Bex about 12 years ago


It turns out that it's not the git - it's the CVS that's stuck... A job which was intended to re-count the project to re-state any errors in the previous line counts failed. I have rescheduled that job and once it has finished, updates should resume automatically. I will monitor that process and let you know the results here.


ssnow-blackduck about 12 years ago

That's weird, because the git and svn enlistments said they weren't updated in 23 days. Does this mean the failed CVS enlistment prevented the other two from running?

The CVS enlistment is a historical one; no new development takes place there, so I didn't think much of the fact it failed. Is it possible to freeze enlistments, so that ohloh knows it doesn't need to bother checking for updates?

Peter Bex about 12 years ago


Yes, exactly! No new updates can run to completion unless all enlistments are healthy. This sometimes explains why new commits will appear even when the date on the analysis page is stuck in the past...

Unfortunately, we currently don't have a way to freeze an enlistment which will receive no further development.

In any case, the count job that was hanging things up finished OK and an update ran immediately and finished 3 hours ago. Analysis is at May 03 2011 and last commit is at 2011-05-02.

Thanks for your patience!

ssnow-blackduck about 12 years ago

Thanks for the quick responses and fixing the enlistment!

Peter Bex about 12 years ago