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SVN history incorrect


At one point in the Osxcart project's history, I moved the source code from the root SVN directory into a 'trunk' directory. This confused Ohloh's history importer and lost all the previous commits, as explained here:

So a few months ago, I manhandled the repository with svnadmin so that the move never took place and the source code had been in a 'trunk' directory since the beginning. However, Ohloh still shows only the commits that have been made since I did the original ill-considered move, even though it seems to read the repository correctly (the last update was 12 hours ago.)

Even the log command, mentioned in the link above, seems to work:

svn log --verbose

shows a history of over 100 commits, going back to r1.

What can I do to get my commit history back on Ohloh?

Philip Chimento over 12 years ago


Up 'til now, we have been only doing delta-pulls and adding only the newest revisions. This is the case for at least the last 23 days (as far back as our history allows me to see) and quite probably for much longer than that.

I started a re-fetch of the repository and from the looks of it we now have the revision history back to r2 (11 pages of it). Hopefully this will clear up the confusion. Please check all aspects and let me know if it's not right.


ssnow-blackduck over 12 years ago

Awesome, everything is as it should be now! Thanks a lot!

Philip Chimento over 12 years ago