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Halo checkout

Hi :)

could you please check why the checkout of Halo from its SVN repository is failing? I can check it out from that address without problems here.


Lydia Pintscher over 12 years ago



Our systems are running a log command:
svn log --non-interactive --xml --stop-on-copy -r 1:HEAD '[email protected]'

At the end of this the '' SVN server is saying:
svn: REPORT of '/svn/!svn/bc/9476/HaloSMWExtension/trunk': 200 OK (

This is not something our systems understand. Other SVN servers when issued a similar log command don't reply with this '200 OK' text.

Thus Ohloh gets confused and thinks it is an error and dies.

There may be something you can tweak on the SVN server side so it doesn't output this data.

Regardless of that, our system should now expect such data and handle it correctly.

Thus I've created an issue for this on our side and placed it in the back log. I'm not exactly sure when we can get to this, but I will reply here and let you know once it is fixed :)

RobertSchultz over 12 years ago

Awesome. Thank you!

Lydia Pintscher over 12 years ago