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Mostly written in JavaScript? My project is mostly Python...

Please have a look at

According to the stats, my project is 45% JavaScript, when it only represents a small part of this Google App Engine project written in Python. What would explain such a high percentage for JS?

Emilien over 13 years ago

Do you happen to include jQuery/Prototype/MooTools and the likes in your repository?

Bruno Daniel over 13 years ago

No, I use Dojo locally but Bazaar is set to ignore that folder. I've double checked, and Dojo is not included in my repository. That's why I wrote this message, I don't get it why so much JavaScript show up in the analysis.

Emilien over 13 years ago


I pulled down a clone of your BAzzar repository and used the command line version of 'ohcount' ( which is what Ohloh uses to come up with it's counts.

The results are here:

It looks like there is a bunch of lightbox and other javascript files included.

The #1 top feature that we want to do for Ohloh is adding a way for you to specify which files/directories you want ignored for the stats calculation.

RobertSchultz over 13 years ago

You're right, I haven't included Dojo on purpose, but since Lighbox needs configuration in their file, it's included in the repo. And since they include prototype.js, that's a lot of JS code (4000+ lines)

I suppose your filterin/ignoring functionality would be a great thing in this type of cases...

Thanks for taking the time to check that. At least there is no bug in Ohcount from what we can see... ;)

Emilien over 13 years ago