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Repeated problems with ImageMagick project svn

For a long time, ohloh has followed the svn repository

We did not change anything, however, ohloh stopped tracking svn commits in February. This was the last commit:

by Cristy (Using name ‘cristy’) on 2009-02-17 01:48 (about 1 year ago)

We then tried to add the following repository:

It appears that it is not possible to have several repositories at the same time (which I understand should be possible). Every time, the previous repo disappeared. The result was that the earlier commit history of ImageMagick was not counted, which led, among other thing, to our principal developer, cristy, losing his "10 kudos" status.

So, I tried to add

to see if this would help things. However, the enlistment failed twice in the last 24 hours (the second time, it restarted without our intervention), which currently leaves

without ANY commit history.

What do we need to do?

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

Mind you, ImageMagick has about a million lines of source code, and is quite an old project. Could ohloh be choking on the sheer size of the svn commit history?

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago


enlistment has been cycling between counting lines (step 3) and being in the queue for it for two days.

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

Just in case you guys can get your feed from trac:

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

Information for the ohloh admins:

Apparently, there was a major crash in the ImageMagick svn set up in the past. Maybe the leftovers from this crash are the reason ohloh chokes?

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

I deleted the latest enlistment and added the last two in reverse order and so far so good.

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

Both the "old" svn and the "new" svn are now listed and apparently processed by ohlohk, but apparently the "old" svn's information is not being merged into the code analysis, which makes ImageMagick look like a one year old project :-(

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago

Actually, the "old" repository was just duplicating the "recent" info contained in the other one, so I removed it.

So, only recent ImageMagick svn history is now accounted for in ohloh. (Ah well.)

Nicolas Robidoux over 12 years ago