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Please kick hung enlistments


please retry mksh (MidnightBSD servers,
cvs -d rlog src/contrib/mksh works from here), MirBSD and Evolvis (my servers, which work too, since I just added another enlistment from there to some other project).


PS: any chance? I’d like to get stats about acceptance (use by others)…

mirabilos over 12 years ago

I’ve split MirBSD into smaller enlistments now and took care of Evolvis. However, I can’t do anything about the three MidnightBSD enlistments in p/mksh (and one is hung in p/mnbsd as well).

There are also other hung enlistments… there should be a global search for enlistment strings IMHO (especially as I’m going to replace eurynome in a number of months… it’s a VM, I’m getting real iron now). For p/mirports note the enlistment is not split and very big, so don’t schedule them all at the same time ☺

mirabilos over 12 years ago