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BUG: Ohloh reports project abandoned despite recent commits

There seems to be a bug in Ohloh's reporting.

On the one hand, Project M2Collections is shown with all the recent commits (including today's commits). On the other hand it reports that project M2Collections is deemed abandoned because it claims there haven't been any commits for at least a year.

trijezdci almost 13 years ago

Hi trijezdci,

I'm afraid you're not going to like this answer at all. Because Ohloh doesn't recognize Modula-2, it fails to find any code in this project. As a result, it assumes there has been no development in this project.

Hopefully we'll get the Modula-2 line counter online soon.


Robin Luckey almost 13 years ago

Hi Robin,

That is till inconsistent though, because Ohloh does show commits in the commit history, so it shouldn't report the project abandoned, even if it doesn't recognise the language. ;-)

trijezdci almost 13 years ago