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No managers = nobody can edit links

Nobody registered himself as "manager' for the Chicken project yet, as can be seen at

For some reason it is now impossible to edit the links or access the download logs. When I try to do so, I get redirected to a login prompt telling me that in order to do those things, I have to be a manager for project Chicken.

However, before the managers feature got integrated, it was possible to edit the links. Now we're stuck with an outdated link and nobody can edit it! (unless they sign up for manager but I'm not willing to do that as I'm not even an active contributor to the project itself, and none of the core hackers have Ohloh accounts)

Peter Bex almost 14 years ago

So to edit the post/link one has to become the manager.


donjoaoresort almost 14 years ago

Hi Peter,

To access the download logs, you must be the project manager. This is by design.

Anyone should be able to edit the project links. I verified that this was working -- I was just able to create a new link using a test account.

If you are still having trouble, send me a link to the page that is giving you problems along with some specific steps to reproduce it.


Robin Luckey almost 14 years ago

Hm, I now noticed that the link actually got updated correctly. I did get the message, however (maybe I didn't notice the link got updated because the message was so prominent).

I was doing two things at the same time when I got this message. Possibly the edit link page was displaying the error flash from the download logs bit :)

Peter Bex almost 14 years ago