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tuxbox-td source update fails

Failing for quite some time, so I thought I'd mention it.

Before it did help to use http://... instead of git://..., but this now fails also.

Stefan Seyfried over 13 years ago

Project TuxBox also fails:

Stefan Seyfried over 13 years ago

Hi Stefan,

In both cases, we are getting the following error in response to a fetch attempt:

fatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?

I've scheduled additional attempts, but I expect them to fail. We may have to do a clean clone and full re-import. Are there any clues you can give me about things that might have happened on this server? These are large projects and I'd rather not do clean clones if we don't have to.


Robin Luckey over 13 years ago

Well, has done changes to its infrastructure - but I did not notice any problems with my clients - a "git push" and "git pull" still works.

I have reorganized the tuxbox-apps/mainline.git (project tuxbox-td) once, by doing a "push --mirror --force" (or similar, I'm not a real git wizard ;)), but the errors started happening much later, so I don't think it is the problem. And as I have been checking right now, one hour ago it did successfully update.

I don't think that i have done bad things to the repo (it is basically just a mirror of the CVS hosted at, because that CVS only allows ssh access and thus I could not add it to directly). This repo still failed one hour ago.

BTW: a cool feature would be if the error message would be displayed - it would help figuring out if it is simply an error on my side.

I will now notify the team, maybe it is really an issue on their side, so before we re-clone and re-import, let's first try less expensive things :-)

Thanks for your help,


Stefan Seyfried over 13 years ago