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Additional link types (announcement site)

Additional link categories besides the three currently available (Forums, Tutorials, and Manuals) would be useful. I want a link to my project's Freshmeat listing, the primary venue for release announcements, but none of the categories seemed appropriate; Forum was the best I could pick.

Michael Ekstrand over 14 years ago

I wonder why you think that, maybe if you thought about it a bit more you would change your mind. Or maybe I am just being a bit egotistical. What does everyone else think.

Lineage Adena</a

sim921 over 14 years ago

I am also missing link categories.

One example is of a link to the old homepage of a project. It still hosts old releases which aren't available on the sf page. Perhaps secondary homepages can be created, with an emphasis on the first. The Freahmeat listing could also be put there.

Another example is Linux Distro specific perhaps, a package search page. Maybe a general support category.

Wim Muskee about 14 years ago

I have thought about this as well. And the links I have had most trouble to categorise are those to wikis. Perhaps “Documentation” or something similar could be added as well?

kess about 14 years ago