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Who added my project to ohloh? How do I get administration rights?

My project sseq-lib is listed here, but it wasn't me. I can prove that I am the owner by putting this on the source page: "ohloh, I'm the admin!'. Go check it here:

I want to be set as the only project administrator or elsewere my project be removed from here. It's a mess to keep it up-to-date on more than one place at a time.

erichth about 14 years ago

Hi erichth,

This project was added to Ohloh by our web crawler. Ohloh attempts to keep directory information about all of the projects on Google Code.

If you do nothing, our system will periodically refresh the Ohloh page with the latest information from Google. You need only maintain the Google page, and our system will automatically update itself.

You can declare yourself to be the manager of the project on Ohloh. From the Ohloh project page, you can click the I'm a manager link under the Who manages sseq-lib? header on the right side of the page. Once you are a manager, you can restrict certain kinds of changes to the Ohloh project page, and prevent other people from also claiming to be a manager.

Let me know if you need any help,


Robin Luckey about 14 years ago


I noticed that your crawler crawled one of the projects at sourceforge where I am the administrator (the least significant one I think), but not the others... Are there some rules which sourceforge projects get crawled and can I suggest it to crawl my other projects? Filling in the Add project form seems like a lot of work for all the projects I contribute to...

Michael Schierl almost 14 years ago

Hi Michael,

Our crawler does add projects from SourceForge to Ohloh. Over time, we expect to have them all.

However, our crawler runs slowly, and only as server resources allow. There isn't a fixed schedule or project sort order for the crawl.

It could be many months before all of your SourceForge projects appear on Ohloh. If you are eager, unfortunately, it's probably better to enter the projects by hand. :-(

Robin Luckey almost 14 years ago

Hi Guys,

I hope you don't mind that I re-opening this old post but I have similar problem.
It's seems that my project has been added automatically from Google Code.
Moreover someone I don't know, and who does not contributes to this project has probably claimed to be the manager of this project and he take over this project.
I have clicked the I'm a manager link but this guy does not answers. It seems that his wasn't here since about a year.

So how can I become manager of my own project :)

Best regards,

Radek Suski over 12 years ago

@yaoming987: please don't get me wrong but I guess you even didn't read what I wrote.

Did you?

Radek Suski over 12 years ago