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OpenSearch Plugin

hi swashbuckler,

Thanks for educating us about opensearch -- i'd never heard of it before. It sounds useful. We're currently focused on supporting our new release so we realistically won't get to this feature for a while - but I've added it to our feature list. Meanwhile - I noticed you haven't filled in your profile. I'm curious to learn more about who, exactly, has been so friendly and useful to Ohloh! Thanks again mate!

Jason Allen over 16 years ago

Hi, I just found your post, and actually I have just created a little OpenSearch plugin of my own for
Jason, if you're interested, just tell me and I'll mail you the xml file and explain to you how to implement this feature on your website (really easy)...
If anyone is interested about how to develop an OpenSearch plugin for any type of website, just go to the specific page.

Best regards EK

Emilien over 16 years ago