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XMPP/Journal Integration Issues

I've found a thing or two that's not very friendly about your Jabber bot.

1.) I can't get my account linked properly. I've added my gchat ID to my account, but when I try to send journal updates to the bot, I get No associated account - check your ohloh settings!
I don't know if it's a casing issue, resource Id issue or what.. It would be nice if I [email protected] has a command for !identify or something of the sort, so I can see who it thinks I am. Or even better, allow me to link to my account via the bot itself.

2.) You can't enter any journal entries starting with the word Help through Jabber. help should give you help, not Help is on the way!!! But alas; .startsWith() != .equals()

Woot. Nice try on the IM integration anyway.

Christopher Karper almost 15 years ago

Hi Christopher,

1) Can't link your account properly. I haven't seen this problem before. Your idea of linking to an account via XMPP/Jabber bot it neat - but not on our immediate road map.

2) Can't start a message w/ help. Good idea - i checked in the fix earlier today.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jason Allen almost 15 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. :-D

Christopher Karper almost 15 years ago

What's the status of this? I have the same problem.

No associated account - check your ohloh settings!

ThomasGHenry over 14 years ago

case issue. I switched to all lower case and now it's all good.

ThomasGHenry over 14 years ago