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Bar graphs stats for top N projects

I was chatting with a friend of mine over the phone last night and pointed him at Ohloh. While we were talking he started poking around trying to figure out what the largest project was and how that compared in terms of estimated total value.

We thought it might be cool to have a bar graph or something that showed the top N (with N being 10, 20, 25, or arbitrary; whatever) projects for a certain stat. So a bar graph showing LOC so you could see not only who was the largest project for that stat but also by how much compared to others in a visual fashion. Figured it would be fun to see stuff like that.

Anyway, still love the site and keep up the great work!

Brett Cannon over 16 years ago

I second this proposal. What I miss in Ohloh is data about the distribution of specific metrics (LOC, average commits by year, comment/code ratio etc.) across all projects currently in the Ohloh DB. That would make factoids such as this is one of the most actively developed project much more significant.

dartar over 16 years ago