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Ohloh missing some commits

I just noticed that Ohloh seems to ignore some commits for some reason. Just compare Ohloh commits and Google commits to see that there are some commits missing on Ohloh's analysis.

Is there any reason for those commits not showing up or is this a bug?

hangy about 14 years ago

Hi hangy,

It looks like the missing commits (r19 and r20, for example) only affect files which are outside of the directory that Ohloh is pointing to.

The Ohloh project enlistment points to directory

However, r19 and r20 include edits to

build.xml is not in the der-kalender directory, so Ohloh ignores it.

It sounds like you want to change the Ohloh enlistment to point to:

Let me know if I haven't answered your question,


Robin Luckey about 14 years ago

Ouch! How could I miss this obvious mistake? :) Thank you, I think that should fix it. Sorry for bugging you.

hangy about 14 years ago