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New Enlistment fails


I have a project for which I cannot register the repository. I don't know where the problem is.

Mobile GCalendar (project name: mq-itec800-2008-1)

Can someone give me a hand with this ?



Laurent Malvert over 14 years ago

Hi Malv,

It looks like you might have a typo in your URL. Did you mean

Note the "-2008" instead of "-008".

If that doesn't fix the problem, post some more details and I'll take another look.


Robin Luckey over 14 years ago

Hello Robin,

yes it's what I meant, and it doesn't fix the problem unfortunately.

When I use the enlistment form, I just end up on a untitled blank page (source is completely empty) after a while.

I have 2 projects hosted on Google Code where it worked fine with similar addresses (lemona and aoofwm-vfs).


Laurent Malvert over 14 years ago

Hi Laurent,

I did some investigating and found a bug in our Subversion adapter that was exposed by some unusual particulars of this repository. I've deployed a fix, so you should be able to add this project now.

The blank page is an odd result, but I think that may have been caused by a timeout of some sort.

Thanks for helping me track down this bug. Let me know if you have any more problems.


Robin Luckey over 14 years ago

Thanks it's fixed.

Thank you for the really great reactivity.

Laurent Malvert over 14 years ago