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Login problems

Every two or three browser starts I have to log in anew, despite me marking the remember-me box.

mirabilos over 14 years ago

The problem persists. Today, 2 times I was logged in, just now not.

mirabilos over 14 years ago

Hi Thorsten,

Somehow, I suspect you are losing your Ohloh cookie. We haven't heard reports from others about this problem -- perhaps someone reading this thread can attest to a problem?

What browser/OS are you on? Anything going on with your cookies?


Robin Luckey over 14 years ago

Cookies from other sites are fine.
Maybe the expiry time…

This is Opera 9.27 Linux i386 static on MirBSD #10-current/i386.

Expiry time for auth token is 2008-11-22… much much shorter than the other cookies.

mirabilos over 14 years ago

I think I now know why.

I am logging in from several boxen,
thus several browser instances. I
think that, when I log in from one,
the cookies on all others are inva-
lidated. Is this probable?

mirabilos almost 13 years ago

Yes, this is likely.

We currently associate only a single login cookie with each user account. When you change browsers (and thus cookies), your account no longer matches your cookie and we force you to log in again.

We could probably modify our system to allow multiple cookies to be associated with a user account, which would allow you to switch browsers without having to log in every time you switch.

Robin Luckey almost 13 years ago

Ah, okay. Then the guess was good.
This change would be nice some day,
but it’s not high priority, just

mirabilos almost 13 years ago