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Committer name doesn't follow aliases.

On my account page, I had myself listed as a developer for fluxbox with the committer name set to markt. Some time in the future, we switched from svn to git, and my new commits started showing up as Mark Tiefenbruck, so I created an alias in the fluxbox project that pointed markt to Mark Tiefenbruck. As a result, poor old mark-t, with developer next to his name, was stuck down at the bottom of the list with 0 commits. Clearly, this is not the expected behavior, since anybody can make an alias but only I can change my account page.

Further, since I didn't notice this for quite a long time, Mark Tiefenbruck acquired 8 kudos, while mark-t, stuck on the third page, only acquired 5. When I fixed the committer name in my account, Mark Tiefenbruck's kudo rank dropped to 5, which is also not expected. It seems to have since been restored to 8, but at the time it was somewhat annoying, despite being fairly meaningless.

mark-t over 14 years ago

The blip in kudos calculation was probably caused by the fact that kudo is calculated periodically, with conservative assumptions between re-calculations.

Stuart Yeates over 14 years ago

Hi Mark,

I agree that the aliasing behavior isn't ideal, and can be a bit unexpected in how it works. I would like to find the time to get this fixed.

Stuart is correct: KudoRanks are recalculated just once per day, so changes to aliases and accounts can throw things out of line until the next recalculation.

Let me know if there are still any lingering issues with your account.


Robin Luckey over 14 years ago