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Blender enlistment fails


For some reason, since october last year, the source-code for blender seems to have not been downloaded. A few days ago, I tried adding a fresh enlistment (and deleting the old one). It still comes up with the

Step 1 of 3: Downloading source code history (Failed)


Joshua Leung over 15 years ago

Hi Algorith,

I suspect that there are some reliability problems with the CVS server on Since November, we have tried to download the most recent changes on eight separate occasions, and all of them failed because of server timeouts or disconnections.

I just took another look at it, and it seems that the server is up and working well. I rescheduled the download job again, but it's telling me that there are 7900 patch sets to download. Given our history with this server, I have my doubts that we'll get through all 7900 patch sets without a problem. I'll keep my eye on it, and will keep retrying if there are more failures.

BTW please don't delete and re-add the same enlistment to a project. Our system detects the duplicate and re-uses the existing broken download, and it only makes debugging more confusing.


Robin Luckey over 15 years ago

sorry, I removed and re-added before reading this.

Campbell Barton over 15 years ago

cool, I see its downloading stats... 35% so far

Campbell Barton over 15 years ago

The CVS has updated 5min ago in the enlistments but the stats on the main page and contributers page are still out of date. how long does this take?

Campbell Barton over 15 years ago