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Ohloh pages have empty <title>

You may want to fix this to enhance the visibility of your service both for humans and search engines.

dartar over 16 years ago

Also, the edit/delete links on this page don't seem to be working.

dartar over 16 years ago

Hi dartar,

Yes, you're right, we've been lax about our page titles. I'll start whipping our web monkey immediately. :-)

Regarding edit/delete not working, we'll need some more specific details. If it's really not working we definitely want to fix it, but as they say in lazy programming circles, It works on my machine...

What browser/OS are you running? By not working do you mean nothing happens when you click, or something strange happens when you click, or it seems to work but then later your post has not actually changed?

Thanks for your help,

Robin Luckey over 16 years ago

edit and delete links appear when hovering on the heading but the page is simply reloaded when I click on edit.

I'm on Mac OS 10.4.8, the problem occurs with Safari 2.0 and FF 2.0 (JS activated).

dartar over 16 years ago

Ahh, OK, I see it now. Yes, this is broken. Thanks for the bug report.

Robin Luckey over 16 years ago

By the way I discovered this when trying to modify the title of this thread which, as you may have seen, displays literal HTML entities in the page body but not in the Recent Posts box.

dartar over 16 years ago