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dot in project name breaks Journal

I work on the project. But if I create a journal entry containing the link does not work as the link is to #OpenGroupware. I've tried #"" and but can't find a format that works.

Also the commit history for the project hasn't upated in months.

whitemice over 14 years ago

hi whitemice,

I have an oustanding work item to update the journal documentation to make the following more obvious:

The '#' name of a project is determined by its ohloh url name. Right now, OpenGroupware doesn't have one configured yet, hence its current url is "/projects/4815". If you edit its URL name it will do 2 things:

  • the url will change to something nicer, like "projects/OpenGroupware" (or whatever you pick)
  • you'll be able to tag your messages with whatever name you pick (and go even shorter, if you prefer).

Finally, our project url names don't allow periods (cause they'd interfere with the actual urls).

Jason Allen over 14 years ago

Yep, all working now.

whitemice over 14 years ago