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Profile page disappeared

Hi all,

thanks a lot for this project!!

My profile page is disappeared have I done something wrong?

The last thing I remember is that I changed username if I'm not wrong.

Is it also possible to delete this account ?


Antenore Gatta over 3 years ago

I can see you profile just fine.. Probably just an intermittent server problem (happens a lot in the last few days).

Danil Sokolov over 3 years ago

Yes, true! Thanks!

What about merging the 2 profiles? (antenore and tmow) Is it possible?

Thanks again!

Antenore Gatta over 3 years ago

Hi Antenore;

We don't have a tool for merging profiles -- too many complicated options about which set of settings takes predence, etc.

You can delete the account you don't want using; there is a Delete Account button at the bottom of the page. This will free up any positions you claimed with that account so you can claim them from your preferred account.

Peter Degen-Por... over 3 years ago

Thanks Peter and Danil,

Now everything is just perfect

Antenore Gatta over 3 years ago