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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware: Step 2 of 3: Importing source code into database (Failed about 2 months ago.)

Please see:


Marc Laporte almost 3 years ago

In "About Code Locations" it says "For Subversion repositories, submit only the trunk subdirectory. Don't submit the tags or branches directories.". Does this apply for Git repositories too? Or should we include all the branches we have? Is the crawler choking on many branches and sub-projects or large repositories we have? It counted latest commit about 2 months ago for us :( See

luciash almost 3 years ago

Queues are clearing now but if code locaiton is in the error state they apparently don't get reset.

Arcadiy Ivanov almost 3 years ago

oh OK. Which one(s) have errors?


Marc Laporte over 2 years ago

Right, but those are totally unrelated projects. Is there any way to configure the system to skip issues like this?


Marc Laporte over 2 years ago

I removed a few less important repos from in the hopes that stats get updated...

Marc Laporte over 2 years ago