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CHICKEN enlistments not updating

The CHICKEN Scheme enlistments aren't updating at all, and haven't been for a long time. The URLs are fine and the git repos are almost never down.

Could someone check what's going on?

Peter Bex over 4 years ago

Hello Peter Bex,

Thank you for writing to us.

The Git Repository is very much upto date.

SVN Repositories hosted on SourceForge are read-only and often not fetchable. We have a similar issue with CVS Repositories; the repos often have a 'cvs lock' on the server that blocks automated update, but there are far too many for us to try to reach out to all the different server owners (one request per repository often!)

May we request your assistance? It would be tremendously helpful if you were to replace CVS and SVN repositories with new code locations. If you know that a SVN or CVS enlistment is outdated, simply removing the enlistment(s) could be enough to help get the project back up to date.

Happy to Help!

Anonymous Coward over 4 years ago

Hi rapbhan,

Thanks for responding. You say the git repos are up to date (and this seems to be the case; last pull was a 10 hours ago), yet the factoids, commit history and graphs only show activity up to 2016. The git repo has seen quite a lot of work the past two years. So I think there's still something stuck somewhere. Could you take another look?


Peter Bex over 4 years ago


Peter Bex over 4 years ago