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Ohloh's measurements could be more ac...

Ohloh's measurements could be more accurate, when considering accepted patches found in ticket systems, or referenced by changelog files.

Mathias Hasselmann about 15 years ago

Agreed entirely. Until the advent of distributed version control systems, a patch contributed by a person not authorized as a committer would generally get committed by an authorized commiter under their own name, with only the changelog (if any) recording the true author of the patch. Ohloh credits such patches to the committer, not the author. I have numerous contributions to various projects which Ohloh does not know about for this reason.

Actually, if Ohloh could find these contributions and list them all in one place; I would find that extremely useful well beyond simply the corresponding improvement in measurements; otherwise, finding all of these contributions would require digging through all my sent email, remembering all the web-based bug-tracking systems I have accounts with, and searching through all those systems.

Josh Triplett about 15 years ago

Even with distributed systems... The committer can be credited with some review and control, and the author with writing...

Jason Riedy almost 15 years ago

Definitely. I worked on a number of Git commits which say at the bottom "Commit by Some Person and Josh Triplett", but the actual commit authorship information has either Some Person or me as the author, depending on whose machine we did the work on.

Josh Triplett almost 15 years ago