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The Go @ IDE


  Analyzed about 21 hours ago

Go @ IDE is an editor dedicated to the eLua World: http://www.eluaproject.net/ some features: Its editor (which is based on the wonderful library "scintilla" http://www.scintilla.org/), is lightweight and powerful. It has additional features such as "syntax highlighting", "code folding" and ... [More] "code completion" based on the eLua API. It includes the capability to connect with the real hardware (through the serial or the USB port) obtaining the prompt of Elua inside it. It's able to build the sources and also is able to send the built file on the Hardware (using the xmodem protocol). Also it supports some terminal commands (standard ansi/vt100), so it's able to play games like "hanoi" or "hungman". Starting from now, an experimental support for the DFU bootloader programmer. [Less]

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