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  Analyzed about 7 hours ago

zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered -- that is, not covered by any patents -- lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system. The zlib data format is itself portable across platforms. Unlike the LZW compression ... [More] method used in Unix compress(1) and in the GIF image format, the compression method currently used in zlib essentially never expands the data. (LZW can double or triple the file size in extreme cases.) zlib's memory footprint is also independent of the input data and can be reduced, if necessary, at some cost in compression. [Less]

52.1K lines of code

0 current contributors

4 months since last commit

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File Roller


  Analyzed about 6 hours ago

An archive manager for the GNOME environment.

35.3K lines of code

49 current contributors

2 days since last commit

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Podi ZLib Data Compression Library


  Analyzed 2 days ago

ZLib 1.2.3 wrapper for Delphi language. It works on latest Delphi 2010 too.

4.08K lines of code

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about 14 years since last commit

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Licenses: gpl3, lgpl3, zlib_libpng