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Analyzed about 21 hours ago. based on code collected about 21 hours ago.
Oct 03, 2021 — Oct 03, 2022
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
50671: enable spell check in *.ztst by vim More... 5 days ago
50695: Completion/Unix/Command/_mysql_utils add --protocol option More... 6 days ago
50399: Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_debug More... 6 days ago
50668: treat 8bit chars correctly when multibyte is unset More... 7 days ago
50662: unset LC_* for all the tests More... 8 days ago
50658 + test: Enable to switch between C/UTF-8 locales in PCRE More... 8 days ago
50641: use 'int main()' in test C-codes in configure More... 13 days ago
50648: Use $ZCALC_HISTORY where appropriate More... 15 days ago
50629: do not use egrep in tests More... 19 days ago
unposted: _imagemagick: Add *.svg and *.webp files. More... about 1 month ago
Felipe Contreras: 50435+50436 (+50444): do not build anything More... about 2 months ago
50421: add context as the 1st arg to _dispatch More... 2 months ago
50418: use setenv(3)/getenv(3) on newer macOS More... 2 months ago
users/27852: local _compskip to avoid propagating any changes by _normal More... 3 months ago
50379/50380: fix off-by-one side-effect of workers/49906 that broke $(jobs -l) More... 3 months ago
50368: adjust ztie'd bitflags so local variables cannot mess with database More... 3 months ago
50372: remove Usenet references from FAQ More... 4 months ago
50365: fix indent in FAQ (text version) More... 4 months ago
50355: documentation and return status consistency in zsh/system module More... 4 months ago
50356: work around a yodl bug (mishandling of \'e) More... 4 months ago
50363: avoid use of heap memory that depends on parameter scoping More... 4 months ago
50359: fix bad sticky-emulation in "functions -c" More... 4 months ago
50351: "functions -c" can set signal traps More... 4 months ago
50342: fix test added by 50306 More... 4 months ago
50341: disallow here-document markers containing newline More... 4 months ago
50335: simplify "wait" usage, fix signal handling More... 4 months ago
Tweaks to MULTI_FUNC_DEF More... 4 months ago
50323: create helper for shadowing builtins or existing functions and use it when redefining compadd et al. More... 4 months ago
50325: revert 38150 and fix in calling function cfp_matcher_range() instead More... 4 months ago
50306: fix wait for child that was stopped/continued More... 4 months ago