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Posted over 7 years ago
Canonical just announced a new, free, and very cool way to provide thousands of IP addresses to each of your VMs on AWS. Check out the fan networking on Ubuntu wiki page to get started, or read Dustin’s excellent fan walkthrough. Carry on here for a simple description of this happy little dose of awesome. […]
Posted over 7 years ago by Mark Trompell
Little more than a year ago I posted about the bright future of foresight linux.Well it looks like this won't happen any more.Yesterday Michael announced our decision to bury (or at least it feels like this) foresight linux.I've been involved in ... [More] foresightlinux for ~ 10 years and it's hard when such a long period ends. I will miss foresight and the people that formed it.Special Thanks to Ken Vandine who started that whole thing 10+ years ago.Here is the announcement:The Foresight Linux Council has determined that there hasbeen insufficient volunteer activity to sustain meaningful newdevelopment of Foresight Linux. Faced with the need either toupdate the project's physical infrastructure or cease operations,we find no compelling reason to update the infrastructure.Therefore, around the end of May, the following will be shut down:* Software repositories (Foresight Linux and legacy rBuilder Online  repositories)* JIRA and Confluence servers* Shared development infrastructure* Mailing lists, including these listsThe foresightlinux.org domain will remain as an informal "alumniassociation" for an indefinite amount of time, along with theproject IRC channels for as long as they are in use.Volunteers to host read-only copies of the JIRA/Confluenceand/or mailing list archives should respond toforesight-devel (at) lists. foresightlinux.org in the next few days,while the lists are still operational.Hosting the repositories in read-only mode would be non-trivial;requiring approximately 2.5TB of storage; simply moving the datawould be a substantial task. Do not assume that the repositorycontents will be retained.The Foresight Linux Council would like to extend our thanks to theSoftware Freedom Conservancy, our corporate home, for their supportof Foresight Linux and of software freedom generally. We would alsolike to thank SAS Institute for providing physical infrastructure andhosting for the past two and a half years, as well as for offeringto refresh the infrastructure. This decision to retire ForesightLinux was entirely the council's.To those of us who have been a part of this community for upto ten years, this feels a little like a death. If you wish tocelebrate the life of this project, please discuss soon on theforesight-devel (at) lists. foresightlinux.org list or on IRC on thefreenode.net #foresight-devel channel when and how to do so.On behalf of the Foresight Linux Council,Michael K Johnson [Less]
Posted over 7 years ago
Watchful observers will have wondered why “W” is yet unnamed! Without wallowing in the wizzo details, let’s just say it’s been a wild and worthy week, and as it happens I had the well-timed opportunity of a widely watched keynote today and thought, perhaps wonkily, that it would be fun to announce it there. But […]
Posted over 7 years ago
… waiting till the Ubuntu Summit online opening keynote today, at 1400 UTC. See you there 😉
Posted over 7 years ago by Jani Monoses
Cross compiling Go packages to ARM is easy unless they rely on C libraries via cgo, in which case C cross-compilers and libraries built for the target are required on the host, and the invocation is not straightforward at all.Dimitri's post shows a ... [More] way to do it using armhf chroots, and inspired by it I put together a docker image that does slightly more and can be used as if it were a simple command. The image uses a Gopackage built from a PPA , since the one in the archive does not have a CGO enabled ARM cross compiler.Install the image    $ docker pull janimo/goqml-crossSet up an alias for convenience   alias goqml-cross='docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/home/developer -v $GOPATH:/home/developer/gopath -w $(pwd|sed "s,$GOPATH,/home/developer/gopath,") janimo/goqml-cross'Go to the source tree  $ cd $GOPATH/src/your/packageRun the container as if it were the go tool (which in fact it is, /usr/bin/go being the docker container's default entry point) $ goqml-cross version $ goqml-cross build -iThis will reuse your host environment's GOPATH and place the resulting Go packages under $GOPATH/pkg/linux_arm/ to be available in subsequent fast incremental builds.Check the docker registry for details on how to use it and the project on github if you want to build your image from source. [Less]
Posted over 7 years ago
A quick heads-up for those still following this blog: After almost three years of development, Xfce 4.12 has been released! An overview of the new features can be found in the Xfce tour. This new release is to ship in Xubuntu 15.04, scheduled to be released the 23rd of April, 2015. You can try it […]
Posted over 7 years ago by Skunnyk
A bunch of news from the development of Xfce 4.12 ! Since my previous post in november (read it !) , many things have happened. First, the most awaited news ... wait for it... a date has been decided ! 4.12 will released by the last week end of ... [More] February 2015 ! (yes, 1 week from now) Now, I would like to draw your attention to a list of threads on the xfce4-dev mailist : Listing our current forces : This thread has helped a lot to grant privileges on git, bugzilla and xfce internal services to more people. Now it's easier to give access to a new contributors ! A proposition to do regular releases for translation updates A Xfce mirror is now available on GitHub Discussions around the 4.12 default Gtk+ theme. Maybe the 'new' xfce-refresh from ochosi About gtk-xfce-engine, the decision has been made to drop the gtk3 engine part completely, and leave creating themes to themers https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2015-February/031084.html Participation to GSoC 2015 ? In order to attract new contributors to Xfce, a "list of easy bugs" is now available on the wiki 4.12 String freeze will be the 20 February to let translators do their job https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2015-February/031127.html New discussion about the port to GTK3. Note: some components (libxfce4ui, xfce4-panel etc) already have a partial support of gtk3. In other news, Graeme Gott's Whisker Menu plugin is now an official Xfce project! Andrzej's PulseAudio plugin also joining the family! The critical bug list has almost been eradicated, huge congrats to all developpers :) Core Apps : xfce4-panel : The intelligent panel hiding feature (see my previous post) has been released in 4.11.2 ! xfwm4 : Oh wow, many commits, such features ! You can read the 4.11.3 announcement here Add titleless maximization feature. Client Side Decoration (CSD) support ! (Compositor need to be enabled). A screenshot with and without on gedit (an application that need CSD) Windows preview in alt+tab (Compositor need to be enabled too). Nice, right ? :) xfce4-settings : Release of 4.11.4 Add touchpad support with libinput (yes, already !) Better monitor and multi monitor support Add Gtk+ theme palettes in the appearance dialog (see screenshot) Add previews for icon themes in appearance settings (see screenshot) xfce4-session : Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes ! The "logind runtime detection to support suspend/hibernate" patch has been merged. Release of 4.11.1 thunar : Add support for the GTK 3 bookmarks file, Bugfixes, support for binary file size units Release of 1.6.4 gtk-xfce-engine : Drop of gtk3 part of the engine + fixes Release of 3.1.0 xfce4-dev-tools : Fixes, dependencies update etc Release of 4.11.1 xfconf : Not many exciting changes for this release, mostly translation updates, small fixes and code tweaks.. 4.11.0 Apps : xfce4-screenshooter : Support of imgur uploads ! Yes ! Release of 1.8.2 . Thank gaston ! xfce4-taskmanager : Big cleanup of UI, with new treeview mode, general UI/graph overhaul and lot of bugfixes) Release of 1.1.0 with all theses changes. Thanks gaston, ochosi and Cavalier xfce4-power-manager : The famous "Please bring back the tray icon" bug got some attention, with a patch from Eric to re-add a tray icon, it need extended testing though Release of 1.4.2 Panel Plugins : Some love for panel plugins, from Harald Judt and Landry Breuil, mostly build/bugfixes and translations updates : xfce4-systemload-plugin 1.1.3 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-November/000343.html xfce4-netload-plugin 1.2.4 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-November/000344.html xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.5 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-December/000347.html xfce4-eyes-plugin 4.4.3 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-December/000348.html xfce4-cpufreq-plugin 1.1.1 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-December/000349.html xfce4-verve-plugin 1.0.1 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2015-January/000355.html xfce4-indicator-plugin 2.3.3 https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2015-January/000352.html As you can see, xfce development is more active than ever ! So be prepared to be amazed by 4.12 in a few weeks ! Sources : The #xfce-dev IRC chan on Freenode, THE place to be. Xfce4 dev list Thanks to ToZ on the xfce forum [Less]
Posted over 7 years ago
Smart things powered by Ubuntu Core have automated, transactional security updates and access to a huge range of software for app developers. We hope it will be useful for the next generation of incredible machines and are delighted to be launching ... [More] it with the support of a wide range of software and hardware specialists that are leading the "internet of things". [Less]
Posted almost 8 years ago
Ubuntu Core brings the bulletproof update mechanism and application isolation security from the Ubuntu phone to the cloud. It creates the smallest, most secure rendition of Ubuntu ever! And it's really amazing as a platform for container-based ... [More] deployment with tools like Docker. If you want the very latest goodness together with the traditional security of Ubuntu, in a lean package, Ubuntu Core is the platform for you. [Less]
Posted almost 8 years ago by Skunnyk
Update 19/02/2015 : A new post is available ! Following my first post about the Xfce development status 4 months ago (you can (re) read it here), let's go for a bunch of reviews of the last commits. A little clarifications about comments on my ... [More] 1st post : I'm NOT a core xfce dev, I'm just a small contributor, who try to help as much as I can. Note: You can see lots of screenshots about all theses news features on the xfce forum, in the What's New in Xfce topic from ToZ. xfce4-power-manager : A new xfce4-power-manager release (compatible with xfce 4.10), thanks to Eric Koegell and Simon Steinbeiss Provide a better support of systemd and upower Brightness plugin has been merged into the battery indicator plugin so a new plugin is born, "Power Manager plugin" Some design changes, see screenshots The roadmap to 1.5 : https://wiki.xfce.org/design/power-manager xfdesktop : Add a --next option to force wallpaper changes Add a move to trash menu option Add an --enable-debug option added to xfdesktop-settings Add optional blurring on shadow on text of icons, see Screenshots xfce4-panel : Implementation of a intelligent auto-hide functionality by Jannis Pohlmann ! Whenever the active window changes or whenever the geometry of an already active window changes, the algorithm checks whether the active window and the panel overlap. If this is the case, the panel is hidden. Otherwise, it is made or remains visible. A quick demo (only available in git version for now) Xfce4-panel 4.12 intelligent auto-hide feature xfce4-session : Add logind runtime detection to support suspend/hibernate Support for upower 0.99 Add DragonflyBSD to host check xfce4-settings : Reapply settings when external keyboard connects New display settings dialog Add support for upower 0.99 Thunar : Default application not respected with glib >= 2.4 Check for thumbnails in the location Add appdata file Add pkexec policy. This way if the user of a desktop system wants to use thunar to modify files as root and has the proper credentials they can. Apps / Plugins : Mousepad and Parole have been ported to gtk3 ! Partial rewrite of squeeze (Archive manager) Multiples releases/bugfixes of xfce4-netload-plugin, xfce4-weather-plugin, xfce4-equake-plugin Development Releases of core components : xfdesktop 4.11.8 : https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2014-August/030823.html xfwm4 4.11.2 : https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-July/000329.html xfce4-settings 4.11.3 : https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-August/000333.html Maintenances/New Releases (for xfce 4.10 ) : Xfce4-power-manager 1.4.1 : see above in this post. http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-power-manager/tree/NEWS xfdesktop 4.10.3 : Release of a maintenance version which fix a lot of bugs. https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2014-November/030941.html, thanks to Eric Koegel Others : A side note about light-locker, a simple session-locker for lightdm, which work really great with xfce :). If you want a nice and modern locker, try it ! Debian Jessie will use xfce 4.10 (as 4.12 is not ready on 5th November, the date of Debian Freeze) If you are an ArchLinux user, and want to test the devel version of xfce, you can use my [xfce411] repo. NO WARRANTY, support or whatever ! Use it at your own risks. Read the README ;) Last minute : A reorganisation of the team is running, to list our current force, identify weak spots (where we urgently need new contributors), welcome new members etc. See https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2014-November/030946.html for more informations ! Sources : Thanks to ToZ on the xfce forum The #xfce-dev IRC chan on Freenode, the best way to be involved in Xfce development Xfce4 dev list [Less]