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Stalwart SMTP is a modern SMTP server developed in Rust with a focus on security, speed, and extensive configurability. It features built-in DMARC, DKIM, SPF and ARC support for message authentication, strong transport security through DANE, MTA-STS and SMTP TLS reporting, and offers great flexibility and customization thanks to its dynamic configuration rules and native support for Sieve scripts.

Key features:

- Sender and Message Authentication: DMARC, DKIM, signing and failure reporting, SPF policy evaluation and failure reporting, ARC verification and sealing, Reverse IP validation.
- Strong Transport Security: DANE, MTA-STS, SMTP TLS Reporting delivery and analysis.
- Inbound Filtering and Throttling, Flexible Queues, Logging and Reporting and more.


arc dkim dmarc smtp smtpserver spf

In a Nutshell, Stalwart SMTP Server...

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