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Aug 14, 2021 — Aug 14, 2022
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Fixes #526: sorts script names consistently in the CLI More... 8 days ago
Fixes: #448 Negative numbers hang Pixie UI max_num_records More... 10 days ago
Remove UseSelfOrg flow from auth More... 10 days ago
Remove aggregated state use by vizier monitor More... 10 days ago
GH-537: Fix UI showing an export status on Disabled scripts More... 10 days ago
Don't let CLI show results from another cluster. More... 11 days ago
Add UDF for GRPC status codes More... 11 days ago
Fix PruneUnconnectedOperators from removing nodes that have multiple parents More... 11 days ago
[CLEANUP] Remove unused script More... 11 days ago
Remove TimeExpressions from memory_source_ir More... 11 days ago
[CLEANUP] Move go http client & server demo apps to src/stirling/testing/demo_apps/go_http More... 11 days ago
Parse times inside Dataframe More... 11 days ago
Upgrade skylib to fix bazel query with new gazelle More... 11 days ago
Fix UUID serialization in Python API. More... 11 days ago
Fix bazel wrapper script to ignore other repos. More... 11 days ago
Increase elastic size again More... 11 days ago
Add BlockingAgg debug string More... 11 days ago
Updating compiler test schema proto More... 11 days ago
Expose compiler_state inside Dataframe qlobject More... 11 days ago
Extend bpf tests to cover golang 1.19 More... 12 days ago
Fix pflag binding for demo cmd More... 12 days ago
[Bug Fix] Huge RSS display More... 12 days ago
Update Grafana Demo README. More... 12 days ago
Falling back to Etcd when PV fails to mount More... 12 days ago
Remove `localhost: ` prefix from the remote pod/service names More... 12 days ago
Bump artifact versions for public cloud More... 12 days ago
Upgrade rules_go to use new go_cross tooling More... 13 days ago
Upgrade and split pyapi deps More... 13 days ago
Add requested replicas field to ReplicaSet and Deployment resources. More... 13 days ago
Add AMQP protocol list More... 13 days ago