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Analyzed about 3 years ago. based on code collected over 3 years ago.
Posted over 13 years ago by patrick
We just installed an update, which fixes some bugs and updates some frontend (Drupal) modules. The main changes are related to image and wiki handling. Please report any issues in the issue tracker.
Posted over 13 years ago by schoelle
If you have not noticed yet: bherlig is the man of the day! Not only he has written a beautiful user story for the http://drupal.org website, describing all the little details about how we used (and sometimes miss-used) this great piece of ... [More] open-source software. He even managed to get it featured on the drupal titlepage. Origo, in the focus of the drupal community! Horay! [Less]
Posted over 13 years ago by patrick
We just deployed a new release which fixes a couple of issues, mostly some image handling and some issues with "special" user names.
Posted over 13 years ago by patrick
The day before yesterday we did a major new release of our backend which had some bigger internal changes. During the release there was a problem which only occurred on the ETH instance of origo and therefore we had to roll back to the previous release.
Posted over 13 years ago by bherlig
Dear Origo users, We just finished updating the site, which resolves some bugs (some caused by the recent update), but also brings some new features to Origo. These are: Statistics are now private for closed source projects, i.e. only visible to ... [More] project members All issue pages and the tracker now feature a headline providing quick access to create new issues or go to a issue given it's ID Details of this update can be viewed in Origo's changelog. Regards, The Origo Team [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by bherlig
We're happy to announce the completion of the update. As of now, all of Origo's websites are fully accessible again. While this update was targeted at the underlying web-framework Origo uses, there are some changes that are more prominent. These ... [More] include: A new project-content listing page Improved RSS feeds and their content in Blogs, Forums and project-content listing Wikipages and issues of closed source projects are per default marked as private Removal of Tag Query Language module. The functionnality of searching tagged content is still available through the regular search. Removal of FOAF, SIOC and OpenID modules Removal of breadcrumb menu, because of a major bug in the framework Also a variety of issues have been fixed and feature requests fulfilled. If you find any remaining errors, please don't hesitate to open an issue on Origo's bugtracker. You may also provide feedback in the comments below. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by patrick
On the upcoming Saturday, 2nd of May, we will upgrade Origo's webpages to a new version. This means that the wikipages, issue tracker, forums, statistics and all other webpage-related functions will not be accessible. Please note that downloads will ... [More] still work (if you have the direct link to a release), and the subversion repositories are accessible as well. We'll start the upgrade at 12pm CEST, and it is expected to last until midnight. We'll send an announcement as soon as the upgrade is done. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by patrick
Dear Origo users, we are proud to announce project specific statistics. You can see them under Statistics (from the top right menu). The data we currently track for the statistics is: Workitems, split by type Issues, open, closed Page, Source ... [More] , Download hits and bytes From this information we can then generate graphs. The graphs are currently still under refinement. We hope you enjoy this new feature. The Origo Team [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by garfield
Dear Origo users the next stage of the Origo issue tracker redesign is complete. We present two new features. We added three new attributes to issues. An issue has now a resolution, which ir either "Normal", "Fixed", "Won't fix", "Duplicate" or ... [More] "Works for me". An issue can have a deadline. The deadline is the date by which the issue should be fixed. If you set the deadline to an already passed date, it will be ignored. By default, the deadline is set to the date a week after today. You can specify an estimated number of days, needed to fix the issue. If you don't set a value, this attribute will be ignored. The second new feature is the issue notification. We realized, that the issue notification needs a more fine grained subscription mechanism. You can now subscribe yourself to single issues. This means if you DON'T want to receive emails for ALL reported issues, just remove issue workitem subscription and subscribe yourself to the issue(s), you're interested in. That's all for now, please enjoy the new features. The Origo Team [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by dennisri
Hi folks, Since the upgrade on Sunday issue creation was broken. This resulted in issues with id "0" and no email notifications being sent. This has now been fixed and issue creation works properly again. sorry for the troubles this may have caused, The Origo Team