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Posted almost 14 years ago by truebrain (truebrain)
As of today, the NoAI Framework is merged in trunk. After months of hard work, we finally realised it. NoAI is an API (a framework) to build your own AIs in. See: http://wiki.openttd.org/wiki/index.php/AI:Main_Page With many thanks to: ... [More] glx and Rubidium for their syncing, feedback and hard work Yexo for his feedback, patches, and AIs which tested the system very deep Morloth for his feedback and patches TJIP for hosting a challenge which kept NoAI on track All AI authors for testing our AI API, and all other people who helped in one way or another As of tonights nightly, the NoAI framework will be included, together with a simple AI. For more (and better AIs), please visit the forums:http://www.tt-forums.net/viewforum.php?f=65 [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Rubidium (Rubidium)
Over the course of this year we have added a few hundred new strings, however many languages have not translated these strings yet. Furthermore half a dozen new languages have been added, but most of them are not fully translated as of now. So ... [More] effectively we are looking for dedicated players who like to help translating OpenTTD into their mother tongue. The languages we really need more translators for are the languages with more than 100 untranslated strings. You can find statistics for each language at the statistics page of our webtranslator. If you are interested in translating OpenTTD you should send an email with the language you want to translate and the username password you would like to use to login to translator@openttd.org. [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Rubidium (Rubidium)
Today we created a new openttd-useful.zip with updated libaries and we added a library needed for properly rendering right-to-left scripts. If you are compiling yourself on Windows with Microsoft's C compiler from Visual Studio you need to update ... [More] when you compile trunk or any development branch of OpenTTD as soon as possible, otherwise OpenTTD will fail to compile. For stable releases until the 0.7 series you can still use the old openttd-useful.zip. If you do not compile OpenTTD yourself or you are not using Microsoft's compiler you will not be affected. [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Rubidium (Rubidium)
Today we have released the third bugfix release of the 0.6 series. As usual it contains many bugfixes, including fixes for a few desyncs.
Posted about 14 years ago by Rubidium (Rubidium)
Today OpenTTD 0.6.3-RC1 has been released. As usual this is a bugfix release for the 0.6 series. It therefore contains lots of bugfixes. It furthermore contains fixes for some desyncs that have been bothering some of you.
Posted about 14 years ago by TrueBrain (TrueBrain)
<p>As of today, we have valid Mac OS X Binaries (for the new nightlies) again.</p> <p>As some of you might know, the binaries produces in the last few months were known to fail on Mac OS X 10.5 Intel. Since the new compile-farm ... [More] we suspended Mac OS X completely for that reason, till we would find a solution for all Mac OS X versions. After a long 24 hours today, battling all the tools, even patching a few of them, I finally managed to produce valid binaries again, for all targets.</p> <p>As you can understand I personally am very happy about this. Mostly because when you search the Internet, you find all sources telling you it can't be done (creating Mac OS X 10.5 Intel compatible binaries via a cross compiler). Well .. have I proven them wrong ;) With a big thanks to the guys of <a href="http://iphone-dev.googlecode.com">iphone-dev</a>, who continues to work on odcctools, and Bjarni for helping me supply the requested files (which in fact took most of the 24 hours I worked on this :p), we now have working binaries.</p> <p>If you wonder how we did it, I wrote down what I did (well, it in fact is very simple, you just need to know what to download from where, and you need to patch a few things). You can find the howto here: <a href="http://devs.openttd.org/~truebrain/compile-farm/apple-darwin9.txt">http://devs.openttd.org/~truebrain/compile-farm/apple-darwin9.txt</a>. Just please remember I give no support what so ever on this, that document is for internal reference only.</p> <p>Well, good luck to all you OS X users, I hope you enjoy our nightlies again!</p> [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by TrueBrain (TrueBrain)
<p>Behold! A new web design. With this new design, and many many other things that happened behind the screen, we hope to enter a new Era for the web-related services of OpenTTD. Over the last few weeks we did a lot of work to increase the ... [More] quality of the services. For example, we moved to a new dedicated server located at <a href="http://www.leaseweb.com">Leaseweb</a>, EvoSwitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands. But also, we merged all the services which were scattered over the web to a single place. And today, we welcome a new website, and a new compile-farm.</p> <p>With a big thanks to 'kohrar' for the web-design, and a big hug to Osai for his hard work on most images, Rubidium and I managed to create a XHTML 1.0 strict website, which looks <i>exactly</i> the same on almost all browsers. Needless to say we are very proud of that result.</p> <p>In the next few weeks we will be adding new services to the webpage, and integrate others. The main goal is to make a website which can be maintained by the active developers themselves. This should greatly improve the quality of all those services.</p> <p>One of the other things you might notice, is that the website is available in all languages which OpenTTD support in-game. For now, not all languages will have a translation ready, but we hope to get the complete webpage translated in all languages, so you can enjoy OpenTTD also on the web in your native language.</p> <p>Other new features of the new website are an improved download section, and soon support for mirroring. Together with this comes a new compile-farm, which produces much more robust binaries. For example, MSVC is used to compile Windows binaries. This avoids a lot of problems we had in the past. Sadly enough, not all targets are ported to this new system yet, and for example the OSX users will need to wait a bit longer before they can enjoy this new system.</p> <p>Many more new features are planned, but that is all in the future. For now I hope you enjoy the new design. Any problems you find/notice can be reported via the forum. Also suggestions are of course very welcome. Enjoy the new OpenTTD website!</p> [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by Rubidium (Rubidium)
As of today the management of the translators has changed. The most visible change is the change in email address. The new email address for all questions regarding user accounts of the web translantor tool (WT2) is: <a ... [More] href="&#x6d;&#97;&#x69;&#108;&#x74;&#111;&#x3a;&#x74;&#x72;&#x61;&#110;&#115;&#108;&#x61;&#116;&#111;&#114;&#x40;&#111;&#x70;&#101;&#110;&#x74;&#116;&#x64;&#46;&#x6f;&#114;&#x67;">&#116;&#114;&#97;&#x6e;&#x73;&#108;&#x61;&#x74;&#111;&#114;&#64;&#x6f;&#x70;&#x65;&#110;&#x74;&#116;&#100;&#x2e;&#x6f;&#x72;&#103;</a>. With these changes we hope to add more continuity to the management of the translators.<br /> We kindly ask people who sent an email to the old address over the last few months and didn't receive a reply to send it to the new account so we can handle them. [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by orudge (orudge)
I'm happy to announce that our fundraiser is now closed - in just under 22 hours, our fundraiser has resulted in a grand total of <b>£494.30</b> worth of donations (we were aiming for £486.00), with a few bank donations still to come ... [More] through. Thank you to everybody for your donations, which will go towards keeping OpenTTD's services running in the year to come on a brand new server! [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by TrueBrain (TrueBrain)
<br/> For the last few months we have silently been searching for an alternative for the current server compiling our nightlies. Now there is nothing wrong with the current server, but the future of it is very unsure. We always had free ... [More] access, and we are still very grateful for that. But .. that does mean that alternatives are most likely more expensive.<br/> <br/> Today we got a beautiful offer from <a href="http://www.leaseweb.com">LeaseWeb</a>. They offer us a full (sponsored) dedicated server. It means we can finally do what we always wanted: move all OpenTTD related services to a single place. Also, this enables the option for developers to build binaries on their demand; this way they can test patches for cross-platform compatibility before the nightlies are produced. This greatly benefits development. Sadly, as with every buy, there is a part we need to pay.<br/> <br/> For this we ask your help! Our goal is to raise £486 (or €0620). If we managed to get this amount, we will be able to get the dedicated server, and we can keep on producing nightlies for as ever long as we wish. So every penny you can help us with, is very much welcome.<br/> <br/> Current amount: £494.30 / £486.00 <div style="width: 486px; border: 1px solid;"><img src="/media/images/dot.png" style="height: 24px; width: 494px;" alt=""/></div><br/> <br/> This fundraiser is about openttd.org and all its subdomains. The forum is kindly provided by Owen Rudge, and donations for the forum should go <a href="http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&amp;t=9941">here</a>. This is unrelated to this fundraiser.<br/> <br/> Any donation is welcome. We thank you very much for your support, and hope you will keep on enjoying OpenTTD!<br/> <br/> How to donate? Please check the <a href="http://www.openttd.org/donate.php">donate</a> page. [Less]