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Mar 23, 2022 — Mar 23, 2023
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Merge pull request #394 from susanw1/master More... 3 months ago
Merge branch 'maven-nar:master' into master More... 3 months ago
Review point: improved proximity of DefineArgument decl More... 3 months ago
Merge pull request #395 from Panxuefeng-loongson/supportForLoongArch64 More... 3 months ago
Merge pull request #392 from BulkSecurityGeneratorProjectV2/fix/JLL/partial-path-traversal-vulnerability More... 3 months ago
Support For LoongArch64 More... 3 months ago
Fixed NPE when linker prefix isn't set; rejigged to make linkerPrefix final to improve clarity More... 3 months ago
Improved IncludePath toString (previously appeared in debug output as IncludePath@123456) More... 3 months ago
Handles null Environment cleanly instead of NPE More... 3 months ago
Warnings for empty define/undef configuration (fix NPE) More... 3 months ago
Merge pull request #393 from BulkSecurityGeneratorProjectV2/fix/JLL/temporary_directory_hijacking_or_temporary_directory_information_disclosure More... 7 months ago
Merge pull request #391 from More-Wrong/master More... 7 months ago
vuln-fix: Temporary Directory Hijacking or Information Disclosure More... 8 months ago
vuln-fix: Partial Path Traversal Vulnerability More... 8 months ago
Added support for '--specs=' and '--std=' More... 9 months ago
Made linkerOptions regex based, made '-specs=' '-std=' work More... 9 months ago