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...n Wilson says:
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written over 9 years ago

This is a project on Ohloh which has been retained for its historic value. For the "now current" project, including the latest source code, issue tracking and documentation please refer to http://www.ohloh.net/p/mubox, we 'forked' on ohloh because we lost the original source code repository in 2010 due to legal concerns (Oh No!). This Ohloh project provides a glimpse into the original development history of Mubox for anyone that is interested. Enjoy!

Mubox was created in 2008 by Shaun Wilson, it began as a simple "virtual KVM" he used to control multiple monitors and multiple machines, from one keyboard and mouse. It was originally two programs, a server program which would run on a 'controlling desktop' and a client program which would run on each 'controlled desktop'.

Over time the tools were refined. Shaun began using it for multiboxing one of his favorite games and by April of 2009 he had developed a sophisticated system which now included custom game scripts and a refined user experience.

When Shaun brought these tools to the public most people wrote it off as a keylogger, or a rootkit. "Hax." The truth is that gamers are paranoid about account security, and why not be? So, Mubox was released to the public as an Open Source project on CodePlex in April of 2009 in an attempt to gain community favor.

It worked.

Mubox received both positive and negative feedback and saw heavy development from April 2009 through April of 2010, by the end of this iteration a 1.4 beta was posted which provided full CAS support, round-robin key config, HID pass-through, HDD junctioning for space conservation, and a well rounded Lua AddOn for WoW. The future releases of Mubox were to begin providing custom HID and FS drivers, advanced layout management, fast window switching and secure process/window-session sandboxes (the prototypes were already a year old, it just walked dangerously close to providing an open source hack tool for WoW and Shaun always maintained a strict policy of ToS compliance with most MMOs.)

By 2010 Mubox was used on more than 200 unique computers every day. It was downloaded 30 times a day, and had over 3000 unique downloads. Mubox had generated significant interest among multiboxers in Sweden and China because it provided a much more simplified experience than alternatives, and for free.

Unfortunately, in April 2010 Shaun became an employee of Blizzard Entertainment, and after being employed for about a week Legal began a conflict of interest discussion with Shaun. Shortly thereafter a take-down notice was issued to CodePlex by Shaun to avoid further complications. CodePlex complied. Mubox had been killed.

Mubox is switching to Git in light of losing source control history due to legal activity. This page will be retained for historical purposes. The project hosting at codeplex is representative of what we had in 2010 and is no longer maintained.

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