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Feb 24, 2023 — Feb 24, 2024
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
sdimage-raspberrypi.wks: increase /boot partition minimal size from 20 to 100 More... 4 days ago
python3-sense-hat: Drop PYTHON_PN More... 5 days ago
rpi-eeprom_git: v.2024.01.05-2712 Update recipe to latest rpi-eeprom repo This follows the current latest release of rpi-eeprom: https://github.com/raspberrypi/rpi-eeprom More... 11 days ago
layer.conf: Update for the scarthgap release series More... 12 days ago
linux-raspberrypi: Upgrade to 6.1.77 More... 12 days ago
rpidistro-ffmpeg: Fix old override syntax More... 22 days ago
rpi-base: Add missing hifiberry overlay More... 25 days ago
libcamera-apps: fix build with libcamera-0.2.0 More... 27 days ago
linux-raspberrypi_6.1.bb: Upgrade to 6.1.74 More... 28 days ago
docs: add info on how to set different CAN interrupt pins More... about 1 month ago
rpi-config: Add CAN0_INTERRUPT_PIN and CAN1_INTERRUPT_PIN variable More... about 1 month ago
conf/machine/raspberrypi5.conf: Use "Image" More... about 2 months ago
bcm2835: update 1.71 -> 1.73 More... 2 months ago
docs: fix syntax for overriding fs type for initramfs image More... 3 months ago
conf/machine/raspberrypi5.conf: ttyAMA10 More... 3 months ago
conf/machine/raspberrypi5.conf: kernel_2712.img More... 3 months ago
rpi-config: reintroduce start_x More... 3 months ago
linux-raspberrypi.inc: bcm2712_defconfig for rpi5 More... 3 months ago
rpidistro-vlc: add new patch po-Fix-typos-in-oc More... 3 months ago
rpi-config: Upgrade to tip of tree More... 3 months ago
rpi-config: Reduce config.txt size More... 3 months ago
u-boot_%.bbappend: Skip for Raspberry Pi 5 More... 3 months ago
rpi-base.inc: Add vc4-kms-v3d-pi5.dtbo More... 3 months ago
rpi-eeprom: Update to 2023.10.18-2712 More... 3 months ago
linux-raspberrypi_6.1.bb: Update to 6.1.61 release More... 4 months ago
Add Raspberry Pi 5 More... 4 months ago
docs: Fix ReadTheDocs builds.os requirement
as Andrei Gherzan
More... 4 months ago
rpi-base: Adds EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS to fix the image task do_populate_lic_deploy More... 4 months ago
linux-raspberrypi: stop setting powersave as the default CPU governor More... 4 months ago
rpi-base: Fix wic image kernel dependency More... 5 months ago