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ttmrichter says:
About time for an update.  
written about 12 years ago

Modula-2 is one of those under-appreciated languages that quietly influenced everything that came afterwards whilst languishing mostly unused itself. This project looks like a creditable update to the language and its standard library into the modern age.

There are a few interesting things in here, but one module in the library I'd like to comment on in particular is the RegexIO module. While one could argue that its presence is redundant, given that you could use file IO and regular expressions (how un-Wirthian and heretical!) together to replicate all of its behaviour, this stance misses a major point: this library, when implemented, does the heavy transactional lifting for you. In two simple function calls (SkipMatchingStr and ReadMatchingStr) you can validate input files and extract information you need. This could be useful out of the box for writing lexers (or even simple parsers), forms processing and other such applications.

WriteMatchingStr is even better in conception in that it is an automatic data validator that won't let anything get written to a file that isn't validated. This could be done by separating the match and the write, but having it in one function call gives it a transactional feel and avoids some of the more common error opportunities by putting one known-good implementation at your disposal.

The author might as well consider this module's concept as stolen for a few other projects I have in other languages. ;)

I look forward to seeing more in this project and to seeing a resurrection of the Wirthian line of languages.

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