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Oct 05, 2021 — Oct 05, 2022
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Up to date with git log. modified: ChangeLog More... 1 day ago
Minor tweaks to the presentation of pubnames-style records. For single entry, print '1 entry' otherwise print the number and 'entries' src/bin/dwarfdump/ modified: print_pubnames.c More... 1 day ago
Altered declaration of get_true_section_name() modified: dd_esb_using_functions.h More... 1 day ago
Add dwarf_global_tag_number() when reading .debug_names. modified: src/lib/libdwarf/dwarf_global.c More... 1 day ago
Correcting words about .debug_names section CU indexing. Now dwarf_get_globals() gets global offsets for .debug_pubnames and .debug_names (or both if both in an object file). modified: doc/libdwarf.dox More... 2 days ago
Corrected cu table indexing to start at 0. modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/print_debug_names.c More... 2 days ago
In doxygen comments fixed: geting -> getting modified: doc/checkexamples.c More... 5 days ago
Minor change. Now mentions 0.4.3 (not released) modified: README modified: README.md More... 11 days ago
Minor wording changes. modified: README modified: README.md More... 11 days ago
Updated date modified: doc/libdwarf.dox More... 16 days ago
Fixed indents and removed trailing whitespace. modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/dd_esb.c modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/dd_uri.c modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/dwarfdump.c modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/print_macro.c More... 17 days ago
Fixed indents and removed trailing whitespace. src/lib/libdwarf: modified: dwarf_alloc.c modified: dwarf_die_deliv.c modified: dwarf_error.c modified: dwarf_init_finish.c More... 17 days ago
Fixing mistakes in the new zstd compression. Would only compile if zlib present before this fix. now compiles with either or both or neither of zlib and zstd. Have no example objects using zstd to test against -- at this time. modified: dwarf_init_finish.c More... 18 days ago
Now up to date with git log modified: ChangeLog More... 19 days ago
Minor clarification of email address. modified: doc/libdwarf.dox Regenerated. modified: doc/libdwarf.pdf Made the @brief more consistent, Return not Returns. Other small clarifications. Spelling DIE, not die, when referring to the generic Debugging Information Entry. Similarly cie and fde when referring to a generic idea of such. modified: src/lib/libdwarf/libdwarf.h More... 19 days ago
Just adding a space in one command. modified: CMakeLists.txt More... 20 days ago
Added 0.4.3 note modified: README modified: README.md More... 20 days ago
Now reports if zstd is available (in which case it will be necessary to link in that library) modified: configure.ac More... 20 days ago
In case of an error with the 'type' in an SHF_COMPESSED compress data struct, the report mentions the value in the corrupted field. modified: src/lib/libdwarf/dwarf_init_finish.c More... 20 days ago
Added commentary explaining why dwarfstring_constructor_static() is a good thing to use, sometimes. modified: dwarf_string.h More... 21 days ago
Changes mentioning 0.4.2 and libzstd (0.4.3) modified: README modified: README.md More... 22 days ago
Now supports libz and/or libzstd if these are available. modified: src/lib/libdwarf/dwarf_init_finish.c More... 22 days ago
Version now 0.4.3. No Changes from 0.4.2 other than allowing/handling libzstd for object section compression. modified: doc/libdwarf.dox More... 22 days ago
Set release to 0.4.3 for a future release. Now checks for and builds with libzstd in addtion to libz. More... 22 days ago
Now up to date with git log. modified: ChangeLog More... 24 days ago
The printf here do not mention the executable name now. We don't need the name of dwarfdump anyway, and this keeps the baselines simple, not having to realize dwarfdump.O is the same ( in the sense of comparing baseline text) as dwarfdump. See libdwarf-regressiontests for the tests involved. modified: src/bin/dwarfdump/dd_getopt.c More... 24 days ago
Now up to date with gitlog again. modified: ChangeLog More... 26 days ago
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/davea42/libdwarf-code More... 26 days ago
Recent change to fix leak had a mistake caught by Coverity Scan. Fixed. modified: src/bin/dwarfexample/simplereader.c More... 26 days ago
Minor text about new fix to libdwarf. modified: doc/libdwarf.dox modified: doc/libdwarf.pdf More... 26 days ago