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Analyzed almost 3 years ago. based on code collected over 3 years ago.
Apr 19, 2018 — Apr 19, 2019
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
* New function in build system: ac.substmacros will substitute autoconf-like macros like @SOMETHING@. * Renamed lensfun.spec to lensfun.spec.in and replaced some constants with macros. * Added PKGBUILD file for ArchLinux. * Added the MacOS build files (untested) that I forgot to add to repository. More... over 14 years ago
* More gcc 4.3 fixes More... over 14 years ago
* fixed (I think) the "explicit template specialization cannot have a storage class" error message that was generated by gcc 4.3. More... over 14 years ago
* Small fix regarding lanczos_func reference counter More... over 14 years ago
* Implemented Lanczos interpolation for the tmod utility. The interpolation algorithm is selectable with the -I switch, by default it is "nearest", other possible values are "bilinear" and "lanczos". More... over 14 years ago
* Fixed a gcc warning. More... over 14 years ago
* Added Canon 40D fixed the Canon mount for Sigma 10-20. More... over 14 years ago
* Small bugfix - used new[] instead of g_new() in FindCameras() More... over 14 years ago
* Added the methods lfLens::RemoveCalibDistortion(), lfLens::RemoveCalibTCA(), lfLens::RemoveCalibVignetting() and their respective plain C wrappers lf_lens_remove_calib_xxx(). * Fixed lfLens::GetTCAModelDesc() to return the correct description of the linear TCA model. It uses only two terms (kr and kb), not three. * Renamed lf_interpolate_XXX to lf_lens_interpolate_XXX to keep function names consistent. More... over 14 years ago
* Fixed a bug in tmod sample where it would generate black output if only vignetting correction would be enabled (and in other cases too). * Changed a bit the interface of ApplyColorModification: now it accepts an additional parameter 'comp_role' which describes the role of every pixel component (red, green, blue, intensity and so on). This allows now to handle even Bayer images. * Fixed a inconsistency in vignetting correction where vignetting model from Hugin would produce very different results with lensfun. Now the output from tmod (for example) are almost identical to those which you can get, from example, with the 'fulla' Hugin tool. More... over 14 years ago
* Added the following lfLens class methods to the C API: More... over 14 years ago
* Exposed lfLens::InterpolateDistortion, InterpolateTCA and InterpolateVignetting methods via the C API. * New modificator flag LF_MODIFY_SCALE, which is returned by lfModifier::Initialize if processing will perform image scaling. * When loading database later calibration entries overried earlier calibration entries if they have same focal distance attribute (and same distance/aperture for vignetting calibration). * A few minor fixes for MacOS X (guint instead of uint, removed malloc.h in favour of stdlib.h) More... over 14 years ago
* Implemented copy constructor for mount, lens and camera classes. * Fixed parameter description for TCA models. * Implemented the lfModifier::ApplySubpixelGeometryDistortion method which will apply stage 1 & 3 modifications in one step. This has the benefit of less buffers required and less quantization errors due to double interpolation of the original image. However, this works only if colour modificators act independently on the R/G/B channels (this is true for vignetting correction which is the only color correction supported right now). * Bumped version to 0.2.1 More... over 14 years ago
Finished rename of aux into auxfun More... almost 15 years ago
Renamed libs/aux into libs/auxfun to avoid name clash with windows reserved name. More... almost 15 years ago
* Fixed tmod sample to use the modified FindLenses() interface * Added the lens type LF_UNKNOWN for unknown lens geometries * Added lens search by type More... almost 15 years ago
* lfDatabase::FindLenses did not find correctly lenses based on mount type. * lfDatabase::FindLenses was incorrectly searching by aperture and focal range. * lfLens::GetXXXModelDesc() functions will return NULL instead of "Unknown" for unknown input values. Easier to detect and should not happen anyway. * Added a new lens description pattern, used for some German lenses: 1:[min aperture]-[max aperture] [min focal]-[max focal]mm * Fixed many things in the database, brought many company names to one value (e.g. "CASIO COMPUTER CORP. LTD" and "CASIO" is same company). * Added the "generic" mount and some "generic" lenses, basically for converting between different lense geometries; maybe later there will be other uses too. Made all existing mounts compatible with "Generic". More... almost 15 years ago
* Added a .spec file for building RPMs * Added INSTALL_PREFIX makefile variable to allow installing to a different root directory. More... almost 15 years ago
* Fixed the help for tmod's -g option * Small fix for building in release mode More... almost 15 years ago
* Added ability to build system to build/install pkgconfig files * Added ability to build system to install header files * Reworked code a little to avoid gcc warnings in release mode * Added INCLUDEDIR var and --includedir option to configure More... almost 15 years ago
Removed two accidentaly commited generated files More... almost 15 years ago
Initial import More... almost 15 years ago