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Analyzed almost 3 years ago. based on code collected over 3 years ago.
Apr 19, 2018 — Apr 19, 2019
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR from Serge Gavrilov More... over 13 years ago
Database fixes from Niels Kristian Bech Jensen More... over 13 years ago
Added Nikon D3X More... over 13 years ago
Separate entries for Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 MkII. More... over 13 years ago
Patch to include newer Nikon bodies from Justin M. Forbes <jmfo...@linuxtx.org> More... almost 14 years ago
Added the script to configure build environment for Windows Added a section in README about compiling Windows binaries More... almost 14 years ago
Ported to Windows. There were lots of small itches here and there, all in all it required quite a lot of work. More... almost 14 years ago
Documented INSTALL_PREFIX and added DESTDIR as an alias to INSTALL_PREFIX More... almost 14 years ago
Minor fixes preparing for 0.2.3 More... almost 14 years ago
Sigma 18-125 had two almost identic entries in the database. More... about 14 years ago
OS detection based on sys.platform rather than on os.name. This should fix problems on Macs. More... about 14 years ago
Added Canon EF-S 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS More... about 14 years ago
* Fixed the tca calibration model format in XML files. Only kr and kb coefficients are needed for the "linear" model, no kg anymore. * Modified the configure scripts to detect if platform CPU supports SSE, and use -fmath=sse, which gives a considerable speedup (about 10%). If you don't want SSE, specify --target=..generic (e.g. no platform, no arch, just the tune parameter to "generic"). More... over 14 years ago
Removed the --htmldir option; instead I have documented in README a legal way to override installation directory on a per-module basis. More... over 14 years ago
* Added --htmldir besides --docdir for html documentation * doxygen generated docs will by default install into htmldir * make clean now will remove ac.pyc * make distclean will not remove the "debian" directory, if it exists More... over 14 years ago
* Added Canon EOS 400D, 450D * Added the --docdir configure switch More... over 14 years ago
Bug: LF_SEARCH_LOOSE should be 1, not 0 More... over 14 years ago
* Added a new looser lens search algorithm which is suitable to search the database with the overdetailed lens names returned from EXIF parsing libraries (e.g. exiftool and exiv2). The old, stricter algorithm is still the default since it gives very good results when doing searches based on user input. * An additional parameter "int sflags", controlling the behavior of the search algorithm has been added to FindCameras() and FindLenses() methods. I know this is a little harsh for a beta version, but it will not break C++ code, only in C code you will have to add an additional parameter equal to 0 to keep the old behavior. If you want the loose search algorithm, specify LF_SEARCH_LOOSE instead of 0. * Changed the range of vignetting coefficients from -0.5 .. +1.0 to -1.0 .. +2.0 since it was too tight. * Fixed a bug in build system that would prevent from building dependencies in most cases except when making 'all', 'tools' and some other global targets. More... over 14 years ago
* Fixed the LF_CR_6 macro and added LF_CR_7 and LF_CR_8. More... over 14 years ago
* Require MAKE 3.81 because MAKE 3.80 was reported to not work. It reportedly bombs out with "out of virtual memory". * Use cp -d instead of cp -P when installing symbolic links. cp -d is present in fileutils 4.0 while -P is available 4.1 and up. More... over 14 years ago
* Added Nikon D300 to database * Added a section to documentation how to create new camera definitions * Added some people to the Credits section in README. More... over 14 years ago
* Added info about the online documentation to README * Limited the range of TCA coefficients to 0.99..1.01 by Udi's request More... over 14 years ago
Enable autodeps only if any of the libs, apps, tests, tools is being built. This also solves the problem with dependencies being created when building the manual or doing install. More... over 14 years ago
* Added config.mak, build/PKGBUILD and build/lensfun.spec to the list of generated files. * Exclude generated files from distribution archive More... over 14 years ago
* Dependencies are not built anymore on 'make dist' and if make goal is empty * Files in distribution tarball are created with zero uid/gid More... over 14 years ago
* Added the 'make dist' rule which builds a distribution archive * Modified 'make distclean' to clean up everything except what gets into the distribution archive (take care to not lose important files). * Updated the README file More... over 14 years ago
* Changed version to 0.2.2b in preparation for beta release * Added makefile help for install* targets * Cleaned up the database a little, added human-friendly aliases for most camera makers and models * Added a number of "generic cameras" with different crop-factors, which one can use if his camera is not in the database. * New method lfDatabase::FindCamerasExt which will search camera using fuzzy search. Added the C wrapper lf_db_find_cameras_ext. * New method lfFuzzyStrCmp::Compare(char *, lfMLstr) which will compare a string against all translated versions of the target string. Used in lfDatabase::FindCamerasExt. * Fixed _lf_strcmp: it would consider strings equal if one string is a prefix of another (e.g. one ends and other doesn't). * Made FuzzyStrCmp comparisons truly case-insensitive (now works for UTF-8 text too). More... over 14 years ago
* Fixed a bug that caused gcc 4.3.0 to break out with an error (while gcc 4.1.2 eats the same construction silently even without a warning). * Fixed a bug issued by gcc 4.3.0 (which again was missing with 4.1.2) More... over 14 years ago
Fixed a numeric stability issue, which sometimes can cause going past the end of the buffer. More... over 14 years ago
* Reimplemented the apply_multiplier template so that it works correctly for lf_u16 and lf_u32 types, and also made the code much simpler. * Modified the range of values for the PA vignetting model to be -0.5...+1.0 to allow a symmetric visible range of the effect. More... over 14 years ago