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Project Summary

Command-Line Interface to the KDE Wallet (currently for KDE 3 and KDE 4 both – separate binaries though).

Includes supplementary tools:

• CLI for pinentry (Aegypten protocol client)

• pinentry-kwallet (Aegypten protocol server, for use with GnuPG 2 gpg-agent)

• kwalletaskpass (ssh-askpass(1) replacement)

This tool can be used to defer password storage for a lot of applications, including Gajim, to the KDE Wallet, if you trust it to store them securely “enough” for you then. Patches for pidgin, etc. to use kwalletcli are in preparation.

This work has been sponsored by tarent GmbH.


authentication bsd cli commandlineinterface commandlinetool console gnupg gnupginterface gpg kde kde3 kde4 keychain keyring kornshell ksh kwallet kwalletcli linux mksh opensource openssh password passwordmanager protocol security shell shellcode ssh unix utf-8 utilities wallet walletmanager

In a Nutshell, kwalletcli – shell access for KDE Wallet...

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Mar 28 2018 — Apr 27 2018

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Apr 27 2017 — Apr 27 2018
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