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Settings  :  Aliases

Analyzed over 3 years ago. based on code collected over 3 years ago.
  • Contributions by lrz will be attributed to Lrz
  • Contributions by serge will be attributed to Serge
  • Contributions by ghost will be attributed to Ghost
  • Contributions by heavyiron will be attributed to Heavyiron
  • Contributions by sourcerer will be attributed to SoUrcerer
  • Contributions by ataualpa will be attributed to Ataualpa

About Aliases

  • If an individual has contributed code to a project under several different committer IDs, you can combine them using aliases.
  • An alias will replace one committer ID with another in reports. You specify the ID you wish to replace, and the replacement ID, on the Add Aliases form.
  • Aliases do not change your source code history, and Open Hub continues to gather and analyze this history as always. An alias is only an ID mapping for reports and charts.