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Dec 01, 2021 — Dec 01, 2022
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
back to snapshot for next version More... 3 months ago
preparing release-4.9 More... 3 months ago
Fixing output for test. More... 3 months ago
Performance improvements. More... 3 months ago
New way of dynamically selecting computation of lower bound for bins pruning. More... 3 months ago
Making lower bound pruning default again but it can be controlled by a constructor flag. More... 3 months ago
Binpacking: pruning of the lower bound on number of bins is disable by default since it has rather high computational complexity. New constructor can switch it on. More... 3 months ago
Improvement in generation of linear constraints in flatzinc. More... 3 months ago
For flatzinc, more efficient reified and implication constraints for x == constant and x != constant. More... 3 months ago
New constraint generation for table constraints in flatzinc interpreter. In case when up to three variables are defined and there exist up to three conflict tuples JaCoP Or constraints are generated instead. More... 4 months ago
Bug fix. More... 4 months ago
New method for counting number of solutions in flatzinc that does not use DepthFirstSearch. It counts solutions and rises run-time exception when a number of solutions is reached. It works for all searches, including restart_search and priority_search. More... 4 months ago
Making time-out working correctly for sequences of search methods. More... 4 months ago
Implementation of minizinc warm_start for int and bool using IndomainDefaultValue. Fix of a bug in lexical analysis of string literal for flatzinc parser. More... 4 months ago
Computing metrics for variable selection on double instead of float to make correct computing for AFC* and Activity* variable selection methods. Improvement of performance for variable selection based on accumulated fault count (AFC*). More... 5 months ago
Correction of a bug when computing update for last starting time (lst) for Cumulative and CumulativeUnary constraints. More... 5 months ago
Updating minizinc set-up files for JaCoP. More... 8 months ago
Introducing reporting of number of search nodes per second in verbose printing in minizinc. More... 9 months ago
Removing double reporting of number search nodes with verbose option in minizinc. More... 9 months ago
Correcting incorrect objective reporting in verbose mode. More... 9 months ago
Change of the statistic output information for minizinc to comply with MiniZInc IDE, both final statistics and verbose information (option -s). More... 9 months ago
Correction of spelling errors. More... 9 months ago
Removing decimal separator "," for decimal numbers since it is not accepted by Minizinc IDE. More... 9 months ago
Small performance improvements in flatzinc constraint generation. More... 12 months ago
1. Improving generation of regular constraint in flatzinc. it generates intervals, if possible, to label transitions instead of numbers. 2. Making LexOrder propagation "more incremental" by executing initialization only the first time. 3. Performance improvement of ValueProcede. More... 12 months ago
improving build More... 12 months ago
1. Correcting a bug in NotFirst/NotLast propagation for CumulativeUnary. 2. Improvement in table constraint generation (removing variables and values from tuples when variables are ground). More... 12 months ago
Small improvements. More... about 1 year ago
Bug fix. More... about 1 year ago
Improvement of warning message for not supported search annotation. More... about 1 year ago