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Posted 11 months ago by Steve Ebersole
The second candidate release for Hibernate ORM 6.0 has been released. We fully expect this to be the last release candidate and currently plan on having the 6.0 final release within the next 2-4 weeks. This release was held up a bit working on ... [More] passing the Jakarta Persistence TCK. Mainly we had to wait for our challenges and proposed challenges to be discussed and accepted. This release fully passes the 3.1 TCK! Hopefully we will soon pass the 3.0 TCK as well, but we are still waiting on resolution of some challenges there. Much of the work in this release focused on... [Less]
Posted 11 months ago by Guillaume Smet
We released maintenance releases for our Hibernate Validator 6.2 and 7.0 branches. Both versions bring back support for validating java.sql.Date which was broken when we refactored the time constraints. 7.0.3.Final also fixes an oversight in the ... [More] annotation processor made when we migrated to the jakarta.* packages. Until this fix, the annotation processor for 7.0 was ignored, even if you properly used the jakarta.validation constraints. We also released Hibernate Validator 8.0.0.Alpha1, which specifically targets the upcoming Jakarta EE 10. Getting 6.2.2.Final To get the release with Maven, Gradle etc. use the GAV coordinates org.hibernate.validator:{hibernate-validator|hibernate-validator-cdi|hibernate-validator-annotation-processor}:6.2.2.Final. Note that the group id has changed from org.hibernate (Hibernate Validator 5 and... [Less]
Posted 12 months ago by Davide D'Alto
Hibernate Reactive 1.1.3.Final is now available! The main feature of this release is that it’s now possible to connect to an instance of Oracle database. The complete list of changes is available on GitHub. Thank you! Oracle Testing ... [More] Hibernate Reactive with Oracle requires the Oracle Vert.x SQL client on the classpath: io.vertx:vertx-oracle-client:4.2.4 We are aware of a couple of limitations: it’s not possible to query fields mapped as raw insert-select queries cause an exception How can I get it? All details are available on the Hibernate Reactive website releases page. If you are new to Hibernate Reactive, the official documentation is a good place to start. Feedback, issues, ideas? To get in touch, use the following channels: hibernate-reactive... [Less]
Posted 12 months ago by Yoann Rodière
We just published a maintenance release for Hibernate Search: 6.1.1.Final. What’s new HSEARCH-4462: Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.6.5.Final HSEARCH-4468: Upgrade to slf4j 1.7.35 in hibernate-search-backend-elasticsearch-aws HSEARCH-4465: ... [More] Upgrade -orm6 artifacts to Hibernate ORM 6.0.0.CR1 HSEARCH-4461: Fix typos and grammar in documentation HSEARCH-4464: Document that custom bridges or projection converters are not applied to fields for source()/document() projections HSEARCH-4470: Add mapping code examples to the documentation of @IndexedEmbedded.structure For a full list of changes since the previous release, please see the release notes. How to get this release All details are available and up to date on the dedicated page on hibernate.org. Feedback, issues, ideas? To get in touch, use the following channels: hibernate-search tag on Stackoverflow (usage questions) User forum (usage questions, general feedback) Issue... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Steve Ebersole
The first candidate release! UserCollectionType Support for UserCollectionType using either @CollectionType or @CollectionTypeRegistration. See the User Guide for details User Guide The User Guide has been undergoing a refresh over the ... [More] last few 6.0 releases. Still a little more work to be done, but it is looking good. Migration Guide The Migration Guide was given a lot of love between Beta3 and CR1. Deprecation Removals Many deprecations from version 5.x and earlier have been removed. Review API, SPI and Internal distinctions API, SPI and Internal distinctions were reviewed and corrections were made through a number of methods. For quick reference, we mean: API Anything we expect the application will use directly (Session, e.g.) SPI Anything we expect integrations will use... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Sanne Grinovero
Hibernate ORM version 5.6.5.Final is now available, improving compatibility with the latest version of H2. H2 upgrade options The H2 database, a very popular development tool and testing target, has recently been flagged because of ... [More] CVE-2022-23221. While you might not be running H2 in production, or most likely are not running it with the vulnerable configuration, we appreciate that upgrading might be desireable. Getting a version not affected by this vulnerability implies upgrading H2 to version 2.1.210, which unfortunately so far didn’t work well with Hibernate ORM as we have been using H2 version '1.4.197'. The H2 project doesn’t follow semantic versioning conventions, and has often... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Yoann Rodière
We just published Hibernate Search 6.1.0.Final! The most important change by far in Hibernate Search 6.1.0.Final is support for asynchronous, distributed automatic indexing through the outbox-polling coordination strategy. But it doesn’t stop ... [More] there and introduces Elasticsearch 7.16 compatibility, OpenSearch 1.0/1.2 compatibility, search DSL improvements, conditional mass indexing, and more! What’s new compared to Hibernate Search 6.0 Dependency upgrades Hibernate ORM Hibernate Search 6.1 is compatible with Hibernate ORM 5.6. Lucene The Lucene backend now uses Lucene 8.11. Elasticsearch The Elasticsearch backend now works with Elasticsearch 5.6, 6.8, 7.10 or 7.16. Asynchronous, distributed automatic indexing While it’s technically possible to use Hibernate Search 6.0 and Elasticsearch in distributed applications, it suffers from a few limitations. The main goal of... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Christian Beikov
We just released Hibernate ORM version 5.6.4.Final. Backwards incompatible SPI changes In version 5.6.2.Final we had to make a few changes to some SPIs to ease native compilation, but unfortunately we forgot to make sure these were backwards ... [More] compatible. With this bug fix release we introduced default methods in the SPIs MultiTableBulkIdStrategy and Exporter to retain the backwards compatibility with 5.6.1.Final. Restrict JNDI lookups to "java" scheme Hibernate ORM includes a default implementation of its JndiService, which is used internally to lookup Datasource and references to the platform’s TransactionManager. This service is also used to register its own components to allow them being looked up... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Yoann Rodière
We just published Hibernate Search 6.1.0.CR1, the first release candidate of Hibernate Search 6.1. Among the main changes since Beta2: better defaults and optional operators for the regexp predicate, additional Maven artifacts compatible with ... [More] Hibernate ORM 6, and more. What’s new For a summary of all new features and improvements since 6.0, head to the dedicated page on hibernate.org. Dependency upgrades Hibernate ORM (HSEARCH-4436) Hibernate Search 6.1 now depends on Hibernate ORM 5.6.3. Others HSEARCH-4446: Upgrade to Elasticsearch client 7.16.3 HSEARCH-4448: Upgrade to JBoss logging 3.4.3.Final HSEARCH-4449: Upgrade to slf4j 1.7.33 (only affects artifacts related to the AWS integration) Better defaults and optional operators for the regexp predicate The regexp predicate, introduced in Hibernate Search 6.1, now allows selecting optional operators... [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Yoann Rodière
We just published a bugfix release for Hibernate Search: 6.0.8.Final. What’s new Log4j upgrade As mentioned here, Hibernate projects do not use Log4j at runtime and thus are not affected by the various vulnerabilities discovered in Log4j 2 ... [More] recently. However, Hibernate Search does use Log4j during its own build, when executing tests, which is why we had to update our test dependency to Log4j 2.17.1 anyway. Incidentally, this might help with some security sniffers that do not correctly understand the difference between runtime dependencies and test dependencies, leading to Hibernate Search being (falsely) reported as affected by the Log4j vulnerabilities. Other improvements and bug fixes HSEARCH-4423: Hibernate Search will no longer incorrectly detect... [Less]