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Posted about 14 years ago by Paolo Bonzini
The problem With the recent increase in free-software releases for dynamic languages, a serious issue is there for people who would prefer to give their software the protection of copyleft. The issue is the difficulty of interpreting the Lesser GPL ... [More] in the context of these languages. The difficulties in turn from two different sources. First, it is hard to interpret the language of the Lesser GPL in the context of languages that have no object files but only source code files.read more [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Chris Hall
(This applies to "GNU Smalltalk version 3.1-git" as of 27Feb10) This post documents: Creating a new Seaside image to play with, Starting it, Adding a password (authentication) to the default 'config' page, and Configuring a Seaside 'app' to ... [More] display 'halo's. Creating a new Seaside image: Change to your preferred working directory, then: gst-load -i -I ./seaside.im Seaside Seaside-Development Seaside-Examples read more [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Bruce Prior
I'm posting this on 2 March 2010. The blog preview seems to think it's now 31 Dec 1969! I have submitted a ticket report to MacPorts on 19 Feb 2010. I checked Fink but it doesn't appear to have a version of GST. I normally program Smalltalk in ... [More] Squeak but I recently saw Timothy Budd's book, "A Little Snalltalk," and was quite taken with it. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an available version of Budd's Little Smalltalk so then I thought I would try GST. I'm at an impasse now unless someone at MacPorts finds the bugs in their GST package. [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Nicolas Petton
Today someone asked me how to do a WATask like widget in Iliad. In seaside WATask is a special presenter. Its purpose is not to build html by itself but to display other seaside components in a sequence. Iliad doesn't provide such a widget out of ... [More] the box, but it is very easy create one. Iliad.ILWidget subclass: Sequence [ buildContents [ <category: 'building'> self shouldStart ifTrue: [self start]. ^super buildContents ] contents [ <category: 'building'> self shouldNotImplement ] start [ <category: 'control flow'> "The sequencing will happen in this method" ] shouldStart [ <category: 'testing'> ^decorator decoratee = self ] ] read more [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by STONE24Peggy
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Posted over 14 years ago by S. Stremler
The mac build instructions found at http://smalltalk.gnu.org/wiki/building-gst-guides doesn't quite reflect my experience. They're not wrong, they're just not what I did (and keep doing, because I forget to write this stuff down). Of course, I'm ... [More] using stow, and a PPC mac, which changes things a bit. I installed the latest versions of autoconf automake gawk GNU libtool GNU readline git (not the GNU Interactive Tools, but the Version Control System.) read more [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by S. Stremler
Randall Schwartz gave a presentation on Seaside at SCALE 8x. He made an offhand comment about not knowing how to install GNU Smalltalk. Several of my friends were quite impressed with the demonstration; maybe not so much with Seaside, but with the ... [More] language itself. Some of them muttered "Why haven't I looked at Smalltalk before?" Randall used Squeak, but several of my friends know that I tend to prefer GNU Smalltalk. I'm a command-line junkie, after all, and Squeak doesn't play so nice there. Today one of 'em used macports in an attempt to install GST, and it failed miserably.read more [Less]
Posted over 14 years ago by Rebecca34xB
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Posted over 14 years ago by Nicolas Petton
The new website is online! http://www.iliadproject.org During the week we'll continue writing documentation and tutorials. I would like to thank Aurélia Saout for her contributed work on the logo and design.
Posted over 14 years ago by Nicolas Petton
Until now with Iliad it wasn't possible to use the javascript layer to send an AJAX request when uploading files in a form. The problem with traditional file uploads is that it doesn't feel good with modern web applications, especially applications ... [More] heavily using AJAX like iliad ones. Since it's not possible to upload files using the browser's XMLHttpRequest object, I choose to use the well known technique of the hidden iframe used as the target of the form, combined with a real XMLHttpRequest used to update dirty widgets once the first request is complete. Here is how it looks like together with Formula: read more [Less]