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Posted about 14 years ago by Joachim Jaeckel
Hello, I took a look into the standard dialogs and the first I tried out was the AboutDialog. It's pretty easy to handle, all you have to do is to instantiate GTK.GtkAboutDialog and set several values for displaying, call run and destroy and that's all. Let's enhance our about-method with an example:read more
Posted about 14 years ago by Joachim Jaeckel
Today, I'll talk a little bit about menu-creation. An application does normaly not exist with only one window. You normaly have something to configure your app, or open files etc. These things are triggered through a toolbar or an application-menu.read more
Posted about 14 years ago by Gwenael Casaccio
Hi, I've added a two new tools in GtkLauncher : a sender and an implementor browsers imagik.fr Cheers, Gwenael Casaccio
Posted about 14 years ago by Joachim Jaeckel
Let's start with enhancing the small app from the last step. The problem that we are facing right now is, if we close the app through the window-managers 'close' button, the application (or better the GTK-Main-Loop) is still running and to end it ... [More] , we have to press Ctrl-D. Because I start the script from the command-line, I also would like to see, if I close the app, that the command line will come up again. The solution seems, to create a method, that would be called, if the user presses the close button. We have to clean up the window and to close the app.read more [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Joachim Jaeckel
Ok, here's my first blog-entry. Because I wanted to start with gnu-smalltalk - and smalltalk at all - I was trying to find some information on how to start. The most tutorials in the web are based on VisualWorks and are not really helpful for me ... [More] , trying to start with gnu-smalltalk. Hopefully, with the GTK-Launcher http://smalltalk.gnu.org/blog/mrgwen the thing will change, but you still have to know, how to handle the GTK-Stuff with gnu-smalltalk. And that's what the beginning of my blog is about.read more [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Stefan Schmiedl
The latest ebuild available on gentoo targets GNU Smalltalk 3.0.2. 3.1 has been out for quite some time and there are several improvements available via git. This post describes what I did to make things work on my Gentoo amd64 system.read more
Posted about 14 years ago by Gwenael Casaccio
Hi, I'm proud to announce a new version of GtkLauncher an IDE for GNU Smalltalk. In this version there is a support of syntax highlighter in the browser, handling of per-workspace variables, and an improved inspector with adapted views and you can ... [More] dive/back in the inspector. imagik.fr Have a look at : http://gtklauncher.bioskop.fr. Cheers, Gwenael Casaccio [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Conrad Taylor
I have the following questions being new to GNUSmalltalk: a) What the name used for 3rd party packages? b) I was wondering, how does obtain a list of GNUSmalltalk 3rd-party libraries via the command line? c) What's the goal of the image in ... [More] GNUSmalltalk? Is it to maintain what 3rd-party libraries are loaded into GST? d) Are there plans to make it possible to load 3rd-party libraries outside of the command prompt? For example, gst install read more [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Funes, Manuel
ORACLE BUY SUN... and now ? Well, Use Java form many years, and ever thing about why smalltalk is not the choice ? Answers: 1) Heavy Marketing ? 2) Lobby ? 3) Destiny :) I Believe that: "The Real choice for Web ... [More] Applications is now SMALLTALK". for correct term: GNUsmalltalk. Turn my site for: SmallTalk Full User ! Seaside is a great alternative to similar base software to web. Thanks. email: [email protected] http://www.funes.com.br [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by Gwenael Casaccio
Hi, GtkLauncher has its own website : http://gtklauncher.bioskop.fr/