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Analyzed 4 months ago. based on code collected 4 months ago.
Jun 12, 2021 — Jun 12, 2022
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Typo fix report in [forum:099e10c762b43add]. More... 4 months ago
Minor /pikchrshow CSS cleanups. More... 4 months ago
In the /winfo view (/info/WIKI_ARTIFACT_ID), honor the timeline-utc configuration flag, per request in [forum:7e7219e59120b2db]. Though that setting is ostensibly only for the timeline, it seems to be used just about where except where times are explicitly labeled as UTC. More... 4 months ago
build.wiki: added a note about minimum emcc version and notes about using alternatives to Emscripten. More... 4 months ago
Merge in pikchrshow-wasm branch: reimplement /pikchrshow using a client-side WASM build of pikchr.c, plus related feature-adjacent tweaks in mimetype handling. More... 4 months ago
/chat: do not show the Toggle Text Mode feature for messages with no text, e.g. image-only posts (resolves an unhandled exception). When text is toggled to the unparsed state, show a copy-to-clipboard button which copies the raw message text to the clipboard. That is a workaround for mouse-copying of that text collecting extraneous newlines for reasons only the browsers understand. More... 4 months ago
In /chat, change the EOL whitespace-stripping policy to retain up to 2 spaces, only stripping after the 3rd, to avoid breaking certain markdown constructs. Per /chat discussion. More... 4 months ago
Refactored the configure script's emsdk detection in the hopes that this reformulation will work on systems where emcc is installed via a package manager. More... 4 months ago
build.wiki: added notes about emsdk requirements and keeping it up to date. More... 4 months ago
Added mjs (ES6 modules) mimetype. Changed JS mimetype from application/javascript to text/javascript to conform with the HTML spec. application/javascript is commonly used in the wild. More... 4 months ago
Added missing section numbers 7.0 and 8.0 to the two newest sections in build.wiki. More... 4 months ago
Added mimetype image/vnd.microsoft.icon to the is-compressible list, per forum feedback. Consolidated strncmp() vs fossil_strncmp() into fossil_strncmp() in cgi.c for consistency's sake. More... 4 months ago
Based on discussions in [forum:f60dece061c364d1|forum thread f60dece061c364d1], (A) re-add the charset=utf-8 for text/* mimetypes, (B) extend the set of gzip-compressible mimetypes (e.g. JSON, wasm, tcl, tar), and (C) refactor (B)'s impl so that adding new types does not add a performance hit (it's faster now for most mimetypes). More... 4 months ago
Removed the unused/incomplete split-view widget. The current UI doesn't seem to need that level of manual size tuning. More... 4 months ago
Added a section to www/build.wiki explaining the pikchr WASM bits and how to rebuild them (required when updating pikchr.c). More... 4 months ago
Resolved auto-fit mode not rendering in Chromium. More... 4 months ago
Resolved a slight layout mis-shift of the main input field introduced by the previous checkin. More... 4 months ago
Recompiled pikchr.js/wasm with latest emscripten. Fixed a left-shifted SVG truncation case. Ported example script selection from legacy pikchrshow into the new version. More... 4 months ago
Fix popen2() return value check in hook_backoffice().
More... 4 months ago
Added optional build infrastructure for using emcc so that we have a reproducible pikchr.wasm instead of an opaque 3rd-party blob. This adds the --with-emsdk configure flag. More... 4 months ago
Added entry for the email-listid setting to the change log. More... 4 months ago
More pikchrshow cleanups. Corrected the body text for the markdown/wiki render modes (was using the SVG instead of pikchr code). Center the pikchr when not in auto-fit mode. More... 4 months ago
Ported the various preview mode toggles and clipboard copy from legacy pikchrshow to wasm pikchrshow. More... 4 months ago
pikchrshow: refactored layout to use fieldsets for the input/output area wrappers and moved their button controls into the LEGEND elements. Various minor layout tweaks. More... 4 months ago
Corrected a bit of misinformation in search.c's comments, per a report in the forum. More... 4 months ago
Added pikchrshow reimpl to the change log. More... 4 months ago
Extended the pikchr wasm binding to make use of all of the pikchr() arguments and return more info in pikchr-worker's result. Fixed shift-enter behavior. More... 4 months ago
pikchrshow: swap default config value for position of input/output areas. More... 4 months ago
darkmode skin: replace on-focus color change of buttons with a light border, else the text has illegibly little contrast. More... 4 months ago
Consolidated some CSS. Minor pikchrshow layout tweaks. More... 4 months ago