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Joël Fisler says:
Very sustainable solutions to creat...  
written over 14 years ago

I have been working with eLearning during the last 6 years and one of the main problems is that a lot of time and money is spent on creating eLearning content but not on keeping it up-to-date. E-Learning lessons get outdated very quickly, both content-wise and on the technical side. Thats why a sustainable solution for creating this content is needed and with eLML we created such a solution and have been using it successfully since four years. Currently the University of Zurich created over 500 eLearning lessons with eLML and is storing them on an eLML repository server. If an update of the layout for a project is needed, one template file has to but adapted and hundreds of lessons can be retransformed (covering thousands of HTML-pages) within seconds. Furthermore using the standards SCORM and IMS Content Package the content can be imported into any modern learning management system (LMS). Throughly a great solution :-) This has also been recognized by the ISPRS's eLearning-Workgroup who gave eLML a gold award in July 2008 and by the Medida Prix organisation who nominated eLML for the Medida Prix final in September 2008.

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